Christmas is one of those miraculous occasions in life filled with wonder, love, and laughter that create eternal memories that are forever a part of our hearts and minds.

Christmas brings the promise of new beginnings, new love, and rekindled love. While spending quality time together, families share stories, eat lots of good food and pie, and fill the room with laughter as they make memories that will last a lifetime.

And if you are anything like me, I know you have Christmas stories that are repeated every year when family gathers – and sometimes, the story changes ever so slightly. Nonetheless, it is a Christmas story the family never forgets.

I am collaborating with women to share Christmas stories with the world. Stories that will inspire, make someone smile, and are filled with love, sweetness, and laughter. Families will share this book of Christmas stories during the holidays and create conversation around the fireplace with their hot cocoa in hand and love in their hearts.

Christmas Wonder, Love and Laughter

An enchanting collection of messages, memories, and miracles

Christmas Wonder, Love & Laughter will spread Christmas cheer, Christmas love, and Christmas wonder throughout the land. This collection of short stories is perfect for curling up on the sofa, sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows, or for reading aloud at your holiday dinner.

These stories will inspire our readers to recall and reflect on their own Christmas memories, loves, and dreams for many years to come.

My hope is that this Christmas book will encourage reflection, spark fresh ideas, inspire new dreams, and instill an appreciation for life. These stories will focus on happiness, and shine a bright light on love and kindness during a time when we are all celebrating life. But most of all, I want to bring families together through the power of our stories.


Who am I looking for?

Women who want to co-author a book featuring twenty-one (21) Christmas stories that will be shared by families for years to come.

The Layout:


Section 1: Christmas Wonder (7 stories)

Share a Christmas memory that left you awe-struck that you will forever cherish. A life-changing marvelous discovery. A soul- inspiring remarkable wonder. An astonishing Christmas miracle. An amazing surprise or gift. Or perhaps a Christmas season decision made, new goal dreamed, move made or unexpected change event that became a big blessing. Share why this memory is still so dear to you or how this event impacted your life.

Section 2: Christmas Love (7 stories)

Share what you love about Christmas – its smells, sights, sounds. Perhaps a memory of celebrating Christmas with a special someone, a cherished time with family, or beloved holiday traditions. Maybe you’re dreaming of sharing Christmas with someone you love. Your Christmas love may be what you love now or what you’ve loved in the past or dream for your future. Share how your Christmas love has impacted your life or why it is so important to you.

Section 3: Christmas Laughter (7 stories)

Share about a holiday mishap that turned into a hilarious memory. Or share about quirky traditions that bring a smile when recalled from days gone by. Perhaps holiday parties with friends and family that included fun and silly light-hearted activities that are forever embedded in your happiest memories. Memories of doing for others and giving the gifts of joy and laughter. A testament to the love of life and joy of Christmas celebrations. 

Say YES to sharing your Christmas story and say YES to having your bio and photo in the book.

Your Fee: $247 per story submission

This fee includes:

  • Two complimentary author copies of book
  • Editing of your story – from start to finish
  • Social media images for book promotion
  • Access to the book launch party



As a Co-Author you:

  • Can order additional copies at wholesale price for reselling at your own events and on your website
  • Maintain copyright ownership of your stories
  • Will be listed on the Ranch House Press Shop Catalog web page that features all author bios and photos




Each Book:

  • Will have a fully portable ISBN assignment with online worldwide distribution with Ingram Spark
  • Will be available on Amazon, the Ranch House Press Web Shop and Etsy Store and on individual author’s websites and at selected events
  • Will be full-color hardcover and black/white interior with illustrated section pages and illustrated story title pages

Share your mealtime memories, stories of decking the halls while getting the tree, decorating the tree or your favorite ornaments, celebrating the Christ Child with nativity scene traditions, sharing your favorite songs or movies, that super memorable Christmas mishap, or perhaps stories of a family gift-giving tradition.


Pay in full — $247

Pay in two installments – 2 payments of $130

Pay in four installments – 4 payments of $75

Once you submit your partial or full payment, you will receive all the details for your next steps.
Full payment must be received by December 31, 2017.

Note: Your payment is PER story submission. For example, you may want to share a story for each of the book’s sections or two of the sections. Should you decide to publish more than one story, you will submit a separate payment for each story you write. 

Pay In Full




Pay In 2 Installments

  • Pay in 2 installments of $130


2 Payments
Number of payments 2
Start payments at checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $130.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 1) $130.00 USD
Total $260.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Pay In 4 Installments

  • Pay in 4 installments of $75


4 Payments
Number of payments 4
Start payments at checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $75.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3) $75.00 USD
Total $300.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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A Few Questions You May Have

When will the book be published?

The book will be published in early Fall of 2018 just in time for the Christmas 2018 shopping season! (If perchance authors gather early enough in 2017, this timeline could be expedited perhaps for the book to be published for the Christmas 2017 season.)

Can I submit more than one story?

Yes. There is a $247 fee for each story. You can share a story for one, two, or all of the book’s sections. However, only one story per author per section.

Is there a word limit on the story I submit?

Yes. The word count range is 500-1000 words per story.

What if I have a story idea but don’t know how to begin?

No worries! Our editor can help you decide how to say exactly what you want to say. Story writing is a process. Don’t feel your first draft must be perfect. Our wonderful editor will be holding your fabulous hand every step of the way.

When do I get started?

First drafts are due by January 20, 2018. But you can get started anytime this year. You don’t need to wait. Our editor is ready to work with you.

How long should the author bio be?

Your bio should be 100-150 words. Examples can be provided.

What type of photo would be best?

Your photo can be a headshot or it can be a photo of you in a Christmas setting. The main requirement is the photo resolution. For printing, the resolution must be over 1 MB (Windows) or over 1000 KB (Mac). If you are unsure about how to check resolution, we can assist you.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

No problem. You can send me an email to