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You spoke and I listened.

More journaling themes to choose from!  Journals available for individual purchase! No more club membership required!

You can mix and match your journal selections.

You can buy one at a time.

The more you buy, the more you save.

Give them as a gift or keep them all to yourself.

Don’t settle for standard journals that everyone has. Get a Color Your World journal that reflects your personality.


Keep reading and you will uncover the Color Your World Experience that is a unique way to journaling your
ideas, thoughts, and feelings with no boundaries. You will fall in love with the beautiful
watercolor designs, the big unlined paper to record big ideas, dreams, and memories. Each journal gives
you the necessary room to grow, stretch, and expand your thoughts to infinity and beyond.

But first, meet the Color Your World Journal Creator


Annette Bridges is an Author, Publisher, Artist and Women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy.

But wait Annette! What is a Color Your World Journal exactly?


If you are anything like me, you have a journal or two or three or five.

You write anything and everything in them and then days or months later – you are fumbling through them to find that ONE thought.

Not to worry.

Each journal in the Color Your World Journal Series has been given a specific theme so you can organize your ideas, inspirations, and things you want to remember.

Ideas, thoughts, and doodles are vital to stimulating our minds. Creativity and writing can invoke calm, cheer, and comfort with every stroke.

By journaling, you give yourself permission to feel. To listen to your heart.

You allow yourself to be totally present with your thoughts and let your heart transform a new perspective to color outside the lines.

Journals are healing. Journals hold truths. Journals bring your happiness & joy.

Which is why I created the Color Your World Journals.

With each page, you will uncover ways to celebrate your wins, find gratitude in your losses, and preserve your
memories that you never want to forget.

Annette’s journals are gorgeous. Full of color and full of open-ended possibilities as you explore each theme. I love the topics that are included and the ideas that each journal evokes in me. It gives me freedom and also prompts me to find a path that works for me. Come journal with us!!!

D. Ellis (Texas)

For many years I got away from the habit of writing in a journal. The Color Your World Journal Club awoke the sleeping giant in me who was missing the freedom that comes from spilling your heart and soul onto the pages of a journal. Even if no one ever see the words the power of releasing the bound up feelings and thoughts is somewhat magical.

The “Questions for my Heart” journal has been the perfect refuge for writing and thinking through the many questions, hard questions, I’ve had to work through. It’s true, sometimes the questions are complicated, but the answers are simple. Getting back into the habit of writing in a journal has been a key creative outlet for other parts of my life and business. I highly recommend giving yourself permission to journal!

K. Hawkins (Texas)

Check out the NEW 2018 Journal Themes

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Color Your World Journal BUNDLE BONUSES!

Whether you purchase three, six, nine or twelve journals, you will receive the following with every bundle:

Bonus #1 – A beautiful, full-color page of thirty journaling prompts for each journal!

Bonus #2 – An adorable purse-sized journal for noting your important everyday reminders and lists!

Bonus #3 – A gorgeous customized double-sided full-color bookmark matching each journal!

Here’s the list of all 18 journals available for your bundling pleasure!

List the journals you want to bundle in the note section of your order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I keep a journal?

Journals give voice to your dreams and aspirations. Journals are a dialogue with your inner life. Journals bring focus, provide accountability, reduce stress, increase self-awareness and track progress. Journals are great for to-do lists you don’t want to lose. The reasons are endless!

When will I receive my journals?

Journals are usually in stock but sometimes when demand is high there is a short wait while more are printed by Ingram Spark’s Print-on-demand services. Usually a short wait is less than three weeks. Journals are shipped out as soon as possible and you will receive an email notice when they are on their way to you.

What if I wanted to place a bundle gift order for my women’s group or for a friend?

Journal bundles can be shipped directly to the recipient you are gifting to. Look for where it says “ship to a different address” and enter the name and address for where you want the journal bundle gift shipped. And you’ll see space for adding a note that will be sent with your gift. Be sure to indicate if you want your name attached with the note or if your gift is being sent anonymously.

Where do I indicate the journals I want to bundle?

There is a note box on the order form. Use this space to list the journals you want to bundle.

Still have questions?

Write me a note and I’ll be happy to answer your additional questions anytime. Click here!

These beautiful, exquisite, one of a kind journals make it super easy to organize the things that you love:

– quotes that inspire and speak to your heart
– family favorite recipes
– goals and dreams
– hand-written letters or cards from loved ones
– priceless family photos
– etc.

What I love most about these journals is how they can be handed down from one generation to the next, allowing your family/friends an ‘inside glimpse’ into the very things that have helped to shape your life.

It’s time to pick out your favorite and start a new tradition today. Your legacy awaits!

K. Meachem (Canada)

I am in love with Annette’s Color Your World Journals. They have a beautiful cover with just as pretty colored pages. Being given journaling prompts every month helps to ensure I take some “me time.” But most helpful of all is there are no lines, allowing for creative journaling. I am able to jot down a few things, draw, or even spend a long time writing; but with 4 kids, being able to just sit and jot and doodle is the best thing ever!

C. Cother (Oklahoma)

(Speaking of journal theme “Gratitude Changes Everything”) Wow, what a great journal! A student of mine commented that she kept a gratitude journal, and so I tried it. It was really helpful in seeing the good in life. I ran out of pages in that one, but then I discovered that Color Your World has a gratitude journal, too! That was a good find! I’ve just gotten mine in the mail, and it’s VERY high quality. It’s THICK and BIG and has beautiful green pages. There are no lines, so you can write as big or as scrunchy as you like, and you can draw if you prefer. It’s quite a fine blank book, waiting to be filled with gratitude.

J. Williams (Alabama)

List the journals you want to bundle in the note section of your order form.