Your Beautiful Escape

A retreat for women to BREATHE and BE!


  • Is it time to hit the pause button on your life for a little while?
  • Need a time-out to escape from your everyday demands and pressures and to recharge your batteries?
  • Does your rigorous routine leave little time for adventure?
  • Ready to unplug and listen to your heart to get back in touch with your dreams?



(Me, too!)

Your Beautiful Escape is a retreat for the woman…

    • Who needs an oasis for self-care to revive, refresh and rejuvenate!
    • Who wants to connect with other women and experience the power of sisterhood!
    • Who is ready to rediscover her inner child and learn what her heart desires most.
    • Together, we will play with colors, dream, journal, explore, meditate, giggle, eat treats (and good food), snooze and sip on soothing drinks.
    • There will be sweet surprises because I love to give gifts. I want every woman to feel appreciated and treasured for the special and unique woman they are.


I found that the weekend was just what I needed before I started a new job. I released all my stress and worry about it and was ready to start on Monday. Thank you all for loving me and helping me to just breathe and not think about the next step.

Nancy Coffman

How did Your Beautiful Escape – A retreat for women to BREATHE and BE get its beginning?

Annette headshotI realized my own need to breathe and be. It was clear to me that a destination getaway would be required to refresh my soul. As an artist, writer and publisher, I need silence, stillness and solitude to let my creative juices flow.

annette-in-disneyworld-rockin-roller-coasterI am the caregiver to several aging and ill family members. I have learned the hard way that I can’t care for others if I don’t take adequate care of myself. I’ve found allowing myself some beautiful escapes gives my heart the nourishment it needs to carry on. I also live a somewhat confining male-dominated lifestyle on a cattle ranch and long for more contact with women. Since I can’t get away with my own besties as often as I wish we could, I decided to plan new ways to escape. I love the idea of meeting women and making new friends, so these retreats are as much fun for me as they will be for you!

Ladies, I love to laugh and have fun. Hang out and talk. Ponder soul-searching questions. Paint. Color. Journal. Eat yummy goodies. Take walks and breathe fresh air. I just need more friends to partake in these experiences with me!

It was a weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering! It was a time to overcome the world’s wounds! You showed my inner child how to play again. I was VERY blessed!
Terri Vincent

Want to know more?

imgresCome away with me to my Tanglewood hilltop haven nestled literally on top of a hillside overlooking Lake Texoma. (View Resort Website)
poolYou deserve Your Beautiful Escape! Get away from your own hustle and bustle and to decompress, reenergize and connect with yourself in new and creative ways. Regain control of your life. Find your peace.

This retreat will be an intimate and powerful process and a lot of fun, too. It’s going to be an amazing experience that can change the course of your life. This is how I feel about every escape I go on!

Your Beautiful Escape is an all-inclusive weekend that includes:

    • 3-nights lodging in beautiful two-bedroom villa
    • 8 meals
    • Endless stash of snacks and drinks
    • All art supplies and journaling materials
    • AND the time and space you need to loosen-up, get comfy and explore your surroundings.

Spring Retreat 2016 Slideshow:

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When is the last time you gave yourself time to BREATHE and BE with no interruptions or distractions?



Come with no expectations!

Let yourself be surprised!

I can’t wait to hang out with you!

Your Beautiful Escape is an exclusive and intimate retreat with space for 10 women only.

Spring retreat: April 6-9, 2017

Meet your retreat nail technician, Dusty Todd, who will be giving pedicures! She will soothe your feet with a lavender foot soak, lemon sugar scrub, a gentle massage and paint your nails with a beautiful color. 

Experience QiGong

With Maria Silén
Certified Advanced Medical QiGong and Ayurveda Yoga Instructor

Maria welcomes you to an introduction of some unique ancient Medical QiGong exercises.

  • LEARN alignment, graceful movements and breath-work
  • DISCOVER how to relax the body and mind that creates inner balance and harmony promoting your optimal health and wellbeing.
  • EXPERIENCE a practice that is easy, simple and gentle yet dynamic while it strengthens and recharges the body’s immune system through the acupuncture system.
  • PRACTICE a Tibetan breathing meditation and an acupressure/tapping program.

“I trust you will find these unique QiGong techniques enjoyable and fruitful, serving you a Serene Harvest with radiant health, optimal wellbeing and a richer fuller life.” -Maria Silén

CLICK HERE to follow Maria on Facebook

And visit her website:

Meet Annalicia Velez, our retreat skincare specialist, who will be giving facials featuring a deep pore cleansing, exfoliating, hot towel service, invigorating papaya enzyme mask, relaxing massage and moisturizing.


With Emilie Collins
Facilitator of SoulCollage and Intuitive Painting

  • DISCOVER a process to help shepherd you through life-changing transitions.
  • LEARN a way to receive helpful guidance for the decisions you need to make.
  • EXPERIENCE a creative, soul-stirring approach to connect with your inner voice.

SoulCollage, an intuitive collage process, has become a practice that many women have used to find their answers, while at the same time, being able to relax, play and have fun. Through simply cutting and pasting images you are intuitively drawn to, you will discover how truly wise you are. Enjoy making your first SoulCollage card or starting your own deck of cards, which will continue to teach you the messages your soul has for you.

Take time for yourself!

Treat yourself to this fun and transformational process!

Follow Emilie on her Self-Discovery Through Art Facebook page. CLICK HERE.

And you can learn more about Soul Collage at

Want to know more about your Retreat Host?


Author, publisher and women’s retreat host, Annette Bridges is on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy. She publishes books, journals and coloring books that empower, encourage and entertain. Annette’s retreats provide women an oasis to decompress, rediscover their inner child and learn what their hearts desire most.

Before writing books, this former public school and homeschool educator spent a decade writing hundreds of helpful, instructive, and light-hearted columns published by Texas newspapers, parenting magazines, websites and bloggers.

Annette lives on a Texas cattle ranch with her husband John, dachshund Lady and lots of cows. She can drive a tractor but only if wearing a fresh coat of lipstick and it’s not her pedicure day!

Annette loves to travel as much as she can – with her husband, her grown-up daughter or girlfriends. And she wants to travel more with you! When she can’t travel far, she likes to take little escapes to her lovely villa on Lake Texoma. But when she can, she makes a break for her beloved Alabama ocean-side condo!

All you need to do NOW is REGISTER and secure your reservation!

Your Beautiful Escape is an exclusive and intimate retreat with space for 10 women only. Invite a friend to join you!

Your friend can come with you at half-price!


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Got more questions?

Please feel free to contact Your Beautiful Escape host with your questions or special needs and requests. 

Contact Annette:

Below are answers to the most asked questions.

Where does this retreat take place?

Your Beautiful Escape is hosted by Annette Bridges at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma about an hour and a half north of Dallas, Texas, off Hwy. 289 (Preston Road). 290 Tanglewood Circle, Pottsboro, Texas, 75076.

Where will you stay?

Your host will be providing two 1500 sq. feet 2-bedroom villas. EACH VILLA is fully furnished with 1 king bed and 2 Queen beds, full-service kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 ½ baths, washer/dryer, 2 private balconies overlooking Tanglewood or Lake Texoma.

What do you need to bring?

Comfy clothes and painting clothes! Feel free to bring your favorite journals and pens, but your host will be supplying these items, too. Some meals will be in the villa, but at least one may be in one of Tanglewood’s restaurants. A swimsuit, weather permitting, you may have the opportunity (if inclined) to take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool or soak in an outdoor hot tub. Or you may want appropriate shoes for hiking around the resort grounds. There is a nautilus fitness center at the resort, too.

May I bring a guest who is not registered for Your Beautiful Escape retreat?

The villa accommodations only have space for retreat attendees and four women will be sharing bedrooms and bathrooms. However, if for example, you have a spouse who wanted to escape with you, he can book his OWN escape and stay at Tanglewood’s lovely hotel. We won’t be hanging out with our spouses during our retreat though! This is a retreat exclusive for women!

How do I get to and from the resort or airport?

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the resort or airport. Commercial flights will be into Dallas Lovefield or DFW Airport and you would need to rent a car to drive to the resort. Private planes can fly into the nearby North Texas Regional airport (4700 Airport Dr, Denison, TX 75020.) It might be possible to rideshare with another retreat attendee, too.

Retreat start and end times?

This is a 2-night all-inclusive women’s weekend retreat. Arrival time at Tanglewood Resort begins at 2 PM CST on Friday and we leave after Sunday brunch by 2 PM CST.

What type of food will be provided?

Our menu has flexibility and arrangements can be made to accommodate special needs. Let me know promptly after you make your retreat reservations if you have special meal and drink needs or requests.

Is there an age restriction?

Your Beautiful Escape retreats are for women 21 and over. However, there is a great likelihood that mother/daughter retreats will be planned in the future. Let me know if this interests you and the age of your daughters.

Do you have to be there for the entire weekend?

Yes please! This is an intimate experience with a small group of women that builds and grows upon each moment and exchange through the weekend. You are needed!

Cancellation policy?

Your retreat host is making a commitment to you to NOT cancel. In the unexpected event that you cannot attend the escape you have paid for, you can discuss with Annette the option of selling your spot to someone else or gifting it to a friend OR it may be possible to transfer your reservation to another escape weekend.