Are you stuck…

  • Writing that book you started but haven’t finished? Or maybe writing a blog series?
  • Trying to create marketing materials or social media posts for an upcoming launch or promotion?
  • Planning a retreat, or a LIVE event, or even a party?

Do you wish…

  • You had someone to bounce ideas off of, talk things through, and clear up the clutter stirring around in your mind?
  • Someone would check in on you and your progress to keep your sanity?
  • You had a team member that loves your dream as much as you do?

No worries at all. I am here to help you with that.

I’m an idea–go to–cheer you on–hold your hand gal!  I love to have creative pow-wows that will get you closer to you goals! And I get super excited about the thought of helping you with your dreams and tackling that endless to-do list.

In a “Huddle Up” session, our time together is yours to ask me whatever you want about your goals, how to prioritize your time, where to start first, or maybe you just want to get clarity on a project. Together, we will put our heads together to create a plan of action and you can consider me your ultimate accountability partner.

I believe that one session conversation can change your life, so I offer the option to buy just one session and, then we part as friends. However, the more sessions you purchase at a time, the easier it is for me to huddle and help you, and so there is a lower price. Each session is one hour in length and held over the phone or Zoom, but I block out enough time to go up to 90 minutes should you need the extra time on occasion.

Each conversation builds on the last, but emphasizing what YOU want to talk about. We follow your agenda, not mine. Once you purchase a package, all sessions must be completed within 90 days before they expire without refunds. This policy is not merely a smart business thing; it’s there to hold you accountable.

These “Huddle Up” sessions will only work if you commit and do the work.

So…what’s the cost to book a session?

My session fees are very straightforward. If you schedule one session at a time, each session costs $69 period. However, you can choose to prepay for multiple sessions at a discount per the following fee schedule…

  • 1-hour session: $69
  • 3-session package: $179 ($59/session)
  • 5-session package: $249 ($49/session)
  • 10-session package: $399 ($39/session)

Again, all sessions must be completed within 90 days before they expire without refunds.

How many sessions should I start with?

Of course, the number of sessions you need will undoubtedly depend on the scope of your project and timeline needed to complete. Or perhaps you would like to huddle with me on multiple projects. In this instance, you may want to choose the 5 or 10 session packages for the best price deal. But where you start is completely up to you.

Should you decide after your 1-hour session, you would like additional sessions as you plan and pursue your goal, you can purchase a multi-session package and I will apply and subtract your 1-hour fee from the package of your choice cost.