Gratitude Changes Everything

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Gratitude Changes Everything is one of eighteen niche journals making up the Color Your World Journal Series. Each journal in the series has been given a specific theme so you can organize your ideas, inspirations, and things you want to remember.

If you’re like most people, you have a journal (or even two or three journals) where you write anything and everything about anything and everything. The challenge comes when you’re trying to find something that you’ve written. You flip and flip through the pages of your two, three, or four journals trying to find whatever it is. A niche journal offers you a solution!

The Color Your World Journal Series
 is journaling without limits. You will love the beautiful watercolor designs. And you need big unlined paper to record big ideas, dreams, and memories. You need room to grow, stretch, and expand with space to think beyond the confines of what you’ve always done.

You’re encouraged to journal using colored pens and markers. Your world doesn’t happen in black and white. Your life should be lived and written about in many colors.

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Gratitude Changes Everything Journal details:

  • 180 page journal
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Full-color unlined interior with graphics
  • Paperback full-color glossy duplex cover with inside printing on both front and back covers
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Weight 1.9375 lbs

1 review for Gratitude Changes Everything

  1. Julie Williams

    Wow, what a great journal! A student of mine commented that she kept a gratitude journal, and so I tried it. It was really helpful in seeing the good in life. I ran out of pages in that one, but then I discovered that Color Your World has a gratitude journal, too! That was a good find! I’ve just gotten mine in the mail, and it’s VERY high quality. It’s THICK and BIG and has beautiful green pages. There are no lines, so you can write as big or as scrunchy as you like, and you can draw if you prefer. It’s quite a fine blank book, waiting to be filled with gratitude.

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