Be Inspired ~ Gratitude Helps You See Your Life as a Gift

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

This is my HAPPY THANKSGIVING email to you! I will not be sending out my weekly Be Inspired email on Thanksgiving Day next week. 

I’ve learned the lesson of the message on this photo so many times!  

I must admit to you that my biggest lesson was last year when I was feeling the shock and overwhelm of caring for my mom’s sudden onset of problems that has changed all of our lives. 

I heard myself saying aloud, “I hate my life!” Again and again actually! 

I had just lost one of my brother’s the year before and now my mom was on the fast trek to follow him, along with another brother. I felt like I was losing everyone I loved all at the same time. I was devastated and sad. And the rapidly growing care needs for both my mom and brother were overwhelming and depressing. 

Eventually…I learned the lesson of asking for help. We don’t have to walk through struggles alone my friends. Life is supposed to take a village. From the very beginning God provided a “helpmate.” We are better together. A message I’ve been reminded of many times in the past year.

But an even greater lesson came when I replaced feelings focused on all the dread and drama with gratitude. Gratitude for the gift of precious time with my loved ones! Moment by moment! One day at a time. Each day is a gift. And I realized that my own life – each day of my life – was a gift, too. And I focused more and more on what I was doing with the precious gift of my life. 

Was I living a life of love, joy, passion, purpose? 

Truly….Gratitude changes everything! (The title of one of my new journals publishing soon!)

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I wish you a blessed day and season of thanks giving! 


Be Inspired ~ A Grateful Heart

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

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Have you ever seen the paperweight that is inscribed, “There’s always, always, always something to be thankful for?”

When you’re facing what’s unpleasant or painful, you may be feeling anything but thankful.

It was during some of the bleakest years my mamma and I ever faced, when thankfulness quite literally helped us both see what we had rather than what we didn’t. And keeping our hearts filled with what we were grateful for is how my mamma gained the vision, strength and perseverance to work her way out of the impoverished conditions we faced after she divorced my daddy in 1967. Her example became a powerful role model for me that continues to inspire and encourage me no matter what trouble I face. 

Thinking about what I am grateful for can bring a smile when I most need one.

I hope a grateful heart can help you endure and overcome whatever comes your way, too!


Be Inspired ~ When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

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There is something powerfully invigorating and life-affirming when doing something for the first time.

How would you answer my question: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Oh I know…first times can be as scary as they are exciting. But I would encourage you to not be afraid of saying YES to trying something or doing something new. There is so much to learn, see and experience that makes our life interesting and more satisfying.

There are many ways to integrate FIRSTS into your life. These firsts are not always big ones like traveling to a country you’ve never been to before or getting a new job. They could be trying a new recipe or getting together with a new friend. It could be learning something new, trying a new fitness activity, tasting a new food, playing a new game and on and on.

So my friends don’t shy away from trying more FIRSTS when you have the opportunity. You might be surprised how your life will grow in joyfulness and contentment by simply doing something ANYTHING for the first time.