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If you’ve visited my site before then you’re noticing I’ve made some big changes! Sometimes a gal needs to change more than her lipstick and hair color!

What does this mean for me? I’m no longer hosting women’s retreats or available for speaking engagements, to name two big changes.

I’m simply ready to take on some new adventures.

My greatest epiphany of 2019 was…I AM A CATTLE RANCHER! Yep! After living on a cattle ranch with my husband for thirty-nine years, I finally realized that I was not ONLY a cattle rancher’s wife. My husband and I were ranching partners! The truth is this revealing has resulted in me being much busier than ever before around the ranch.

I am continuing with my monthly column “When a city girl goes country” that I write for the North Texas Farm & Ranch magazine. I hope you enjoy reading them. They are super fun for me! I’m keeping an archive of all of my columns on this site and they are also available to read online for free on the magazine website. If you’re interested, the print magazine is super gorgeous and very interesting even to folks who are not ranchers.

I plan to add more and more products to my Ranch House Gift Shop. I’m learning how to make jewelry and plan to make more custom t-shirts, too.

As of now, I have shop space in 410 Collective on Main Street in downtown Denison, Texas. And I have an Etsy Store. In fact, I plan to finally learn how to run my Etsy Store in bigger and bolder ways. You will be able to click the link to my Etsy Store in the web shop section and see photos of my Denison gift shop, too. 

Oh and speaking of hair a few paragraphs ago…you’ll probably notice that I’m no longer straightening my hair. The truth is I didn’t even realize my hair was curly and wavy until recently. It’s so freeing to wash your hair and let it dry into its natural sweetness! Who knew!

I do have a new book in the works so stay tuned. My Mamma Said So book is coming this summer.

Be sure you read about my epiphany on my ABOUT page and chat with me on my Facebook business page sometime!


Ask me what it felt like to cross the finish line of my first half-marathon even though I had not reached my weight loss goal! Anything is possible my friends!

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