Welcome to my website!

I’m so glad you came to visit and I hope you come back often. I’m continuing to make changes because why not? The truth is I LOVE to change up things in my life from time to time and that includes my website.

On my ABOUT page you’ll read about my epiphany in 2019 when after almost 39 years of living on our cattle ranch I realized I wasn’t only a cattle rancher’s wife but I was a cattle rancher myself. 😉

Can you see the love light in my eyes?

I write a monthly column titled “When a city girl goes country” for North Texas Farm & Ranch magazine. All that I’ve written can be accessed in the MAGAZINE COLUMN section of my website. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

MUST LOVE COWS I love love love to take photos and videos of our cows. I’m a bit obsessed about it actually much like I was when our baby girl was born. I guess I feel a bit like a new mamma since my cattle rancher epiphany. These bovine girls bring me so much joy! So get ready for a glimpse of my life on the ranch.

I’ve stopped having both a website shop AND Etsy store. So my SHOP section will provide you the link that takes you to my Ranch House Gift Shop on Etsy.

I hope you’ll follow my Facebook page, too. It’s for anyone who loves cows, needs some inspiration or giggles or wants to keep up with my latest news and adventures. Hope to see you again soon!



Ask me what it felt like to cross the finish line of my first half-marathon even though I had not reached my weight loss goal! Anything is possible my friends!

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