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Annette - Professional Photo CollageI’m so excited to get to know you better. I’d like to tell you a little more about myself and some of my dearest friends will, too.

Named after Disney musketeer Annette Funicelo, I am a huge Disney fan. In fact, my hubby and I recently celebrated our 35th anniversary at DisneyWorld.

I was very young when I learned the power of the written word!

My very southern mamma gave me my first journal when I was ten years old and instructed me to record my blessings. This was during our journey from Georgia to Texas when we were basically homeless with very little money. Using my journal to recognize and honor the blessings of each day allowed me to see what we had rather than what we didn’t have.

A lifetime of journal keeping would become the inspiration for hundreds of fun-yet-insightful columns published by Texas newspapers, parenting magazines, websites and bloggers.

My first published essay was a guest column in the Dallas Morning News after my only child left for college. That’s when I went from a brand new empty nest mom wondering what in the heck I was going to do next to a prolific published writer.

Nowadays, I’m the author and publisher of books, journals and coloring books for women and children. I host retreats that provide women with an oasis to decompress, rediscover their inner child and to learn what their hearts desire most. And I’ve created the Color Your World Journal Series to provide tools for women to record their ideas, feelings, experiences, memories and all the important details of their lives.

I live on a cattle ranch with my husband John, and lots of cows. I can drive a tractor but only if I’m wearing a fresh coat of lipstick and it’s not my pedicure day!

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I’ve travelled with Annette to Switzerland, Italy, Maui, Disneyworld just to name a few and I can truly say that she is so much fun.  Annette always sees the good wherever she goes… she loves to try new things, explore new places and meet new people.  Everyone will be your friend and talk to you, because Annette loves everyone and embraces everyone in her love and fun!  You will be glad you were invited along on Annette’s adventures- bon voyage!!

Kathy Glover

I’d never say no to an opportunity to spend time or travel with Annette! One of my favorite trips was a girl’s trip to Austria. We had an amazing time! Of course the sights were beautiful but the company is what made the trip. Annette was always game to do everything and try something new. She’s an adventurous spirit and always brings wonder, joy, and infectious laughter to every experience. She’s not just a friend but she’s like a mother, soul sister, mentor, and best friend rolled into one and when you need it most. I know you’ll love your time with her as much as I do!

Kylara Lee

Annette and I, along with our hubbies, had such a busy yet relaxed time traveling to Maui together. She knew all the right spots to take us and was so fun to shop with! Talk about easy-going and unconditional love…that’s Annette and that’s a perfect recipe for success, fun, and feeling safe. I loved my time with her! Aloha!

Debbie Stucker

Annette Bridges is my trusted confidant, fashion consultant and travel buddy. Annette is the epitome of agape love and I am blessed to call her my friend.

Ann Hester

At one time I had removed this link to my old columns. Many of these were written back when I was selected by UPI’s Religion & Spirituality editor to have a featured weekly column and my columns were syndicated by UPI and published in various newspapers and magazines. I also used to self-syndicate to my list of Texas newspapers. I removed the link because I didn’t think they represented who I was today or my current writing style or purpose. I decided to make the link live again because I now believe it’s important to appreciate where we’ve been and to remember lessons learned so we can celebrate our progress and value how far we’ve come.