These days there are TWO venues for buying my products! If you’re in the north Texas area, I have shop space in 410 Collective, downtown Denison on Main Street. Look for the red building with yellow and green trim. You’ll LOVE shopping in this historic charming city, especially if you’re a boutique gal like me!

I’m limiting my trips to my shop space in Denison during these extraordinary times. I’m wearing one of my favorite face mask styles and I’m currently selling them in my Etsy shop.

Ready to Shop?

to visit my shop.

You can follow the link on this page to my Ranch House Gift Shop Etsy Store. I’ve decided to stop having both a web shop AND an Etsy Store. I’ve had the Etsy Store. for a few years but I haven’t always kept it up-to-date. I still have lots of learn about how to run it and there are changes I want to make to my Etsy Store. but I’m adding new products ALL THE TIME!

One thing I hope to accomplish early in the new year is some more appealing and fun photographs of all my products so STAY TUNED! ☺

I have many ideas for products I want to create, too!