Be Inspired ~ A Cold and Broken Hallelujah!

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

We’re about a begin a brand new year! I’m sure I’m not the only one who at this time reminisces and reflects on the year about to pass.

I’ve heard this song performed by many artists but this rendition by Pentatonix gave me GOOSIES!!!! And…I felt like I was hearing the song for the first time!

I’ve never thought I understood the meaning of the song lyric speaking of love as a cold and broken hallelujah. But that image is resonating with me for the first time as this year closes. After watching a brother pass on, after being by my mom’s side as she rallied back from near death moments, after being on my knees more times than I can count in prayer to God crying about my dreads and fears, regrets and disappointments…yes….I feel it now….love that is a cold and broken hallelujah.

Love isn’t all warm and fuzzy everything is perfect tied up in a beautiful bow. My feelings of love this past year (the past few years actually!) could not be described in that way.

My love has been lived. My love has been present. Even when my being present was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. Even when I felt cold and broken, sad and lost…my love wasn’t going anywhere. My love was constant and steadfast. And it will remain so. And that makes me cry out HALLELUJAH!


We can all do that. We do our best. We give our all. Our love is enough!


Be Inspired ~ Let In Some Light

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

This week I’ve slowed down a bit and given myself more pause breaks. I’ve had to actually. My body seemed to be saying, “No more missy! Whoah!”

It’s all too easy to get caught up in rushing around doing all we think must be done. Pushing ourselves to the point where we forget to enjoy the present moments we are living. 

If we’re not feeling the joy, I think that’s a sign to put the brakes on and pause. A little time well-spent gazing at your Christmas tree lights may be just what is needed. At least I can say that is precisely what I needed! 

Yep! When you’re feeling blue, harried, tired, sick…let in some light! 

When you're feeling blue, harried, tired, sick...let in some light! Click To Tweet

Let your thoughts be focused on the light. The light that fills your heart with peace, calm, comfort, love… 

Twinkly lights can remind you of what you need to lighten and brighten your day, your present moment, this beautiful season, your life, your New Year. 

Give yourself the gift of gazing…deep breaths…sighs…

Pause all the thinking, overthinking, analyzing, worrying and GAZE!

And have a Merry Christmas my friends and family with so much love! 


Be Inspired ~ Enough Is Enough I Say

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

Don't let full agendas and busy schedules dictate your holidays! Click To Tweet

Boy oh boy, have I NOT been following this advice lately! My overloaded overextended agendas and crazy busy have done nothing but dictate my holidays so far! 

Enough is enough I say! I haven’t even decorated our tree or put out any decorations YET and this is way off my usual preferred routine. Every friend I talk to lately seem to be in the same boat. What’s going on this year???

Eventually we must all learn when to say no. And when to make our priorities really be our priorities! 

As soon as I finish this note to y’all, I’m shutting down my computer and putting my phone on silent, turning on Christmas music and I am going to decorate! Probably need to do a bit of dusting first but I’m going to dust and decorate as I go! 

I want to immerse myself into the look and feel of the season. And for me….that requires lots of whimsy and lights! Everywhere I look! 

It’s 10 days till Christmas my friends! 

I wish you all much joy, peace and fun!  


Be Inspired ~ Count Your Blessings

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

My family has long watched the movie “White Christmas” every Christmas season. And if you’ve watched it, then you’ll recall the song Bing Crosby sings about “counting your blessings.” 

Every time I hear it, I’m reminded that his advice to count blessings is a good one, and not just at Christmastime.

Does it ever feel like you don’t have any blessings to count?

When I’m feeling consumed and overwhelmed by unpleasant drama and heartaches, I desperately try to change my focus to what I am grateful for. To ponder the good that is rather than only what isn’t. 

When I’m tempted to think there are no “blessings” in my life, I’ve expanded my definition of blessing. I do this by asking myself some questions. Here are a few:

  • What opportunities do I have that I’m thankful for?
  • What relationships (people and animals) am I thankful for?
  • What have others in my life done that I’m thankful for?
  • What have I learned? How have I grown?
  • What insights have I gained that I’m grateful for?
  • What am I able to offer others that I’m grateful for?
  • What opportunities to help others am I thankful for?
  • What am I taking for granted about my day to day that I can be thankful for? (Keurig, iPhone, laptop, internet service, Jacuzzi bathtub, AC/Heat, etc. are some of mine) 🙂

There are so many ways to define blessings! All the things we consider as our treasures such as our friends and family, what is good in our life – every big and little thing makes us happy and brings a smile, where we have triumphed whether we overcame or endured – we outlasted, opportunities we’ve had, the support we’ve received and so on.

The one promise I can share with you all is that a focus on counting your blessings will make your heart happier, your burdens feel lighter, your tomorrow seem brighter. And you’ll sleep better, too! 


Be Inspired ~ Make Time for What You Love

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

This video was first published in December 2015 but I didn’t discover it myself until a few days ago. And I can’t stop watching it! Besides LOVING the song, the message is powerful and brings tears every time!

The YouTube caption for the video reads: Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a show for a little girl. But over time, life pulls them apart. Will she remember to take the time for what she loved?


Sounds simple enough but isn’t it interesting how sometimes what we love so much is sometimes what we take for granted or what we neglect?

For me these days “making time” is all about my mamma. I see how her eyes light up when I enter her house. And I know how much she misses me when I’m not with her. I know how much she longs to be with me as much as possible.

So yes, I get busy as anyone else does. And there are days when I don’t get over to see her. But I do try to make as much time as I can for what and who I love. And that most definitely includes my mamma!!!

Our time is truly the best gift we can give to those who love us! It’s want they want the most!