The “Art by Mamma” page is dedicated to showcasing my ninety-year-old mother’s paintings.


I was inspired to introduce paint by number sets to my mother after I attended a Heart Art Retreat in October 2016 hosted by Diane Cunningham. I had never held a paintbrush in my hand before. It was a transforming weekend for me and I couldn’t wait to buy my mom her first paint set. She was recovering from a rough year with some very serious health issues that dramatically impaired her mental capacities. What I did not realize at the time was the possibility that time my mom spent painting could have such a huge positive impact on her cognitively and emotionally.


My mom is now confined to a wheelchair – she is a woman who had always been very active. She was excited to try painting to keep herself busy and a new passion was born. Now, she spends about ten hours every day painting. She can’t always see the numbers or sometimes she doesn’t like the recommended colors, so she does a bit of her own thing, too. The joy in her life from her painting passion is a joy for me, too.

She has given all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren an original painting and she is now excited at the opportunity to offer her one-of-a-kind paintings to others. The idea that others love what she creates is very gratifying to her.

The paintings available will vary from week to week.

Mamma was excited to sell her first two paintings to these happy customers!

Art by Mamma paintings are temporarily unavailable as Mamma prepares for a BIG December art show and sale at her assisted living facility!