Be Inspired ~ Paw Prints on My Heart

My featured journal theme for July is “Paw prints on my heart.” And so my quote posts this month are inspired by this theme!

He might only be here for part of your life. But for him, you are his whole life. Click To Tweet

“He might only be here for part of your life. But for him, you are his whole life.” If you’ve ever had a pet of any kind, I’m quite sure you are very aware of this truth.

We love our furry babies but I’m pretty sure our love for them may not be equal to their love for us.

I don’t think this reality was clear to me in my youth. It still makes me a bit sad when I think about my childhood dog “Tramp” who passed away my senior year of high school. I still recall how excited he was for me to come home from school every day and I don’t think I ever considered how sad he was for me to leave him when I headed off to work or on a date or to dance classes or where ever I was heading off to leaving him behind to wait for my return.

You should hear me now before I head out my door as I try to reassure my precious “Lady” I will be back as soon as possible telling her how much I love her and promising her special time together when I return.

What a difference a few decades has made to my pet owning behavior!


Be Inspired ~ Go Someplace You’ve Never Been

Once a year go, someplace you've never been before. -Dalai Lama Click To Tweet

Going places I’ve never been before is my ultimate dream in the same way I long to do things I’ve never done before, too! And I would so love for both to happen more than once a year!

I’ve often told my husband my ideal trip would be to head out with no place in mind to go along with no time limit for our travels. Just start out whatever direction we are inclined to go. Then stop in towns we’ve never been to before. I would especially love to explore small towns.

I feel like there are many forgotten treasures to discover and I want to explore them before they disappear!

So yes yes yes!!! I want to go someplace I’ve never been before AT LEAST once a year!

How about you? Do you have places you’ve never been to that you would like to see?

Enough with saying someday and one of these days! I think the time is now to plan it and do it!


Be Inspired ~ The World Is Ever Changing

“Every hundred feet the world changes.” For some reason, this brought to mind a song from my college days by Seals & Crofts – “We may never pass this way again.”

Yes, I would agree that every hundred feet our world – our point of view – changes. As in every hundred minutes or days or miles or memories…

Each moment in time where ever we are is a moment that will be gone in the next moment. So much to pay attention to. Not to be missed. An opportunity to be seized today that may be gone tomorrow.

The world is ever changing. Time moves onward.

This truth makes me want to stay more focused on present moments, be more aware of what’s happening around me, looking up and all around taking in my surroundings, paying more attention.

How many gorgeous sunsets or sunrises do you step outside to see? 


Be Inspired ~ The Ultimate Staycation!

That word – travel – has more meaning to me these days. In fact, it’s the word my 91 year old mamma is using when she speaks of traveling into whatever eternal life looks like beyond this world. She knows I struggle with that future for her so she speaks about “when she travels” instead of using the “d” word.

But I’m also thinking about traveling for my own life and I’m NOT talking about the “d” word!

Lately I spend more time traveling into my soul. Exploring those deep places in my heart. Finding the beauty and joy of what revives and refreshes me. Discovering purpose and passion.

And of course I do have places I want to travel, too! Mostly any place with an ocean or lake view satisfies me most.

How about you? Do you have places you plan to travel to this summer? Planning to schedule some trips into your soul? The cool thing about those types of trips is they can happen wherever you are! The ultimate staycation!


Be Inspired ~ Unforgettable Someones

It’s hard to forget someone that you know you’ll always remember. Click To Tweet

I suspect we all have many unforgettable someones who have crossed paths with us.

Childhood friends.

First dates.

Sunday School teachers.

School teachers.

College professors.

Family members.




Even a stranger…

What is it about each and every someone that makes them so memorable? Have you ever thought about the types of memories that are forever embedded in your heart?

Are they happy? Tragic? Inspiring? Do they involve a first-time? Was a goal achieved? A momentous event?  A special occasion? Something unusual or unexpected?

There are undoubtedly numerous special memories with all the unforgettable someones of our lives. These memories are precious treasures as they instruct us on the things, events and people that are most important, on what matters most, that are worthy of being always remembered. They teach us what and whom we need to make time for in our busy and crazy lives no matter what, too.


Be Inspired ~ You Are Not Alone

And if you’re ever feeling lonely just look at the moon. Someone, somewhere is looking right at it too. Click To Tweet

Have you ever thought about that?

I remember when I was a starry-eyed college student looking up at the moon imagining my someday-hoped-for sweetheart looking up at the moon at the same time as me. And there were nights when I would speak aloud while looking up at the moon wishing my future love could hear me.

I found comfort in that thought and wish.

And since meeting my sweetheart thirty-seven years ago, I will say the few times we’ve been apart, we have often spoke to each other on the telephone while looking up at that same beaming moon. Somehow the moon made us feel connected, not so far apart from each other.

I’ve thought about the moon that unites us other times, too, such as when my child was away at college or when a friend moved across the country from me or relatives who live in another state.

The truth is someone somewhere IS looking at the moon when you are! You are not alone!