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My featured journal theme for July is “Paw prints on my heart.” And so my quote posts this month are inspired by this theme!

He might only be here for part of your life. But for him, you are his whole life. Click To Tweet

“He might only be here for part of your life. But for him, you are his whole life.” If you’ve ever had a pet of any kind, I’m quite sure you are very aware of this truth.

We love our furry babies but I’m pretty sure our love for them may not be equal to their love for us.

I don’t think this reality was clear to me in my youth. It still makes me a bit sad when I think about my childhood dog “Tramp” who passed away my senior year of high school. I still recall how excited he was for me to come home from school every day and I don’t think I ever considered how sad he was for me to leave him when I headed off to work or on a date or to dance classes or where ever I was heading off to leaving him behind to wait for my return.

You should hear me now before I head out my door as I try to reassure my precious “Lady” I will be back as soon as possible telling her how much I love her and promising her special time together when I return.

What a difference a few decades has made to my pet owning behavior!

Annette Bridges

Annette Bridges

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Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy. Part of Annette’s own journaling practice includes collecting ideas, quotes, songs, videos and photos that inspire her. She shares some of her finds in these weekly “Be Inspired” posts to lift your spirit with encouragement, comfort and joy.

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