Come. Relax. Rejuvenate.

Your commitment to caregiving is golden and every small, tender, and beautiful heartfelt action you take matters. You deserve to slow down, be showered with words, release the demands of your time and given the time and place to refuel your beautiful loving heart.

  retreat is awaiting you with open arms and every little detail is well thought out to cater to your needs. This retreat is about stepping out of your everyday caregiving life to reconnect with your inner self and reaffirm your values. It’s time to give yourself permission to escape!

It’s time to refuel that golden heart of yours, sweetie!

 Retreat is for you, the woman who:

  • Is exhausted from pretending to have everything figured out and needs to have a mental break
  • Desires to hit the refresh button that will replenish your energy & give you relief from extreme fatigue
  • Is ready to hit the PAUSE button: Pause, Awareness, Unwind, Stretch, Exhale
  • Wants to enjoy a quiet and peaceful space to refill your wellspring of love and compassion
  • Is ready to kick up her feet, enjoy the breeze, and recharge her heart in the most loving & fulfilling way.

I am Annette Bridges – your retreat host & caregiver too!

Let me share with you why I created this retreat. After spending countless hours pouring my love and care into others—I realized my own need to breathe and just be. It was clear to me that a destination getaway would be required to refresh my soul. As an artist, writer, and publisher, I need silence, stillness, and solitude to let my creative juices flow.

I have been the caregiver to several aging and ill family members. I have learned the hard way that I can’t care for others if I don’t take adequate care of myself. I’ve found allowing myself some relaxing escapes gives my heart the nourishment it needs to carry on.

Ladies, I love to laugh and have fun. Hang out and talk. Ponder soul-searching questions. Paint. Color. Journal. Eat yummy goodies. Take walks and breathe fresh air. And there are times when I need to be alone. And times when I need to be pampered or just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Your Perfectly Nestled Retreat Location

Take a breath of fresh air on a quiet Tanglewood hilltop haven overlooking Lake Texoma. 

Your time in a serene, private location will be the ultimate get away from your own hustle and bustle.

Every detail will be carefully crafted to provide you with the opportunity to refuel physically, emotionally, and spiritually to help achieve the expansion and growth that are so important to your caregiving.

Your Retreat Details

You can play with colors, dream, journal, explore, meditate, giggle, eat treats (and good food), snooze and sip on soothing drinks. We can retreat together and engage in conversations from the heart and feed your body and soul with all the quiet and rest you desperately need.

Every detail will be customized to your preferences and personal needs. You will be greeted with sweet surprises filled with love and appreciation. I want every woman/caregiver to feel cherished and treasured for the special and unique woman you are.

Your ALL-INCLUSIVE Getaway includes:

  • 2-nights lodging in a beautiful hotel room or suite, an enchanting Tower suite, or a gorgeous Master suite villa
  • Comforting meals from the moment you arrive
  • Endless stash of snacks and drinks
  • Activities, art supplies, and journaling materials
  • AND the time and space you need to loosen-up, get comfy, relax, and refuel your beautiful heart

How to Book Your Retreat Getaway in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Request 3 dates/times possible for you to book and also…

Step 2: Complete the  reservation request form to help us get to know you better

Step 3: Sit back and relax – A caregiving angel will reach out to you to solidify your reservation and retreat plan & answer any questions you may have

 Retreats start at $395….

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this retreat take place?

Refuel Your Heart Retreat is hosted by Annette Bridges at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma about an hour and a half north of Dallas, Texas, off Hwy. 289 (Preston Road). 290 Tanglewood Circle, Pottsboro, Texas, 75076.

Where will you stay?

Your host will be providing the option of a hotel king or double room or hotel king suite, Tower king suite or a Master king villa, based upon availability for your selected dates.

What do you need to bring?

Comfy clothes! Feel free to bring your favorite journals and pens, but your host will be supplying these items, too. Meal vouchers will be in your choice of two on-site restaurants but dress is casual. A swimsuit, weather permitting, you may have the opportunity (if inclined) to take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool or soak in an outdoor hot tub. Or you may want appropriate shoes for hiking around the resort grounds. There is a nautilus fitness center at the resort, too. As well as a golf course!

How do I get to and from the resort or airport?

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the resort or airport. Commercial flights will be into Dallas Lovefield or DFW Airport and you would need to rent a car to drive to the resort. Private planes can fly into the nearby North Texas Regional airport (4700 Airport Dr, Denison, TX 75020.) 

Retreat start and end times?

This is a 2-night all-inclusive caregiver retreat. Arrival time at Tanglewood Resort begins at 2 PM CST on your arrival day and departure will be after breakfast on the day you leave.

Cancellation policy?

If a circumstance arises that requires you to reschedule your retreat, we totally understand this can happen with your caregiving responsibilities. We will work with you to find an alternative date for your much needed caregiver getaway!

Other Caregivers Who Have Attended a Retreat

Having a place to go refuel as a caregiver is AMAZING!   To be able to let your hair down without a worry is refreshing.  As caregivers we often neglect ourselves.  These retreats allow you to regroup and rediscover your self.

Terri Vincent

Perhaps you’ve heard the metaphor about putting on your oxygen mask before assisting your child with their mask. As a parent of young children and babies, this idea seemed so counterintuitive. How could I not help my little ones first? But when I took time to really consider this concept, it was so clear that you must be able to breathe before you can ever be of service to your family, your community, your world. How can I be at my best if I’m not practicing self-care…if I’m not taking the time to breathe (and be)? True confession moment – I don’t take enough time. Bragging moment – I’m trying everyday!  Last fall I went on Annette’s Breathe and Be beach retreat. It was one of many steps I was taking in 2016 to practice more self-care. Taking the time to be away from daily responsibilities to breathe and be helped rejuvenate my spirit, feed my soul and open my heart to more love. Since last fall, I was inspired to be more consistent in my daily self-care practices – meditation and yoga – and I added journaling!  I’m deeply grateful for the space Annette held for us and can’t wait to go again this year!

Hollister Thomas