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Dare to dream. The title of one of my 2017 Color Your World Journals. And it’s the featured theme for my January journaling prompts in my journal club and the theme inspiring gorgeous photo quotes on my Facebook author page this month.

But I certainly did NOT coin the phrase.  Many authors, teachers, leaders have used some variation of this phrase in some way.

I especially love this quote:

“Dare to do what you dare to dream.” -John Tortorella Click To Tweet

I enjoy looking up definitions of words. I’m often surprised! I’m inspired when I discover a deeper meaning of a word!

“Dare” included such phrases as: have the courage to do something, be brave enough, be so bold as, have the audacity, defy or challenge to do something.

January seemed like the perfect month to do some focused journaling about daring to dream as I gather courage to take action and defy the odds against my success.

My New Year’s wish to you…that you dare to do what YOU dare to dream!

Happy BRAVE AND BOLD New Year my friends! I think it’s the trying and doing that is most important!

Annette Bridges

Annette Bridges

Author, Publisher and Women's Retreat Host

Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy. Part of Annette’s own journaling practice includes collecting ideas, quotes, songs, videos and photos that inspire her. She shares some of her finds in these weekly “Be Inspired” posts to lift your spirit with encouragement, comfort and joy.

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