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“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.” -Maya Angelou Click To Tweet

Our smile! This is a powerful gift to those we love.


Sometimes it can be easy to take those we love for granted or perhaps even let them be who we rant our grievances to and maybe we even direct our frustrations toward them.

Some of the people I love most have either passed on recently or in the midst of illness and senior aging challenges. It became vividly clear to me along the way the light that I can bring into their lives. And it all begins with a smile.

Your smile can be the only light in an otherwise very dark atmosphere of thought a loved one is dwelling. But make no mistake. Your smile is a light. It brings light and has the ability to totally brighten the weary struggling heart of someone you love so very dearly.

Indeed, your smile doesn’t cost you anything. Yet it may be the most valuable gift you give to your loved one. And it leaves a memorable healing imprint. And…it can also lighten your own burdens and even soothe your sadness.

Annette Bridges

Annette Bridges

Author, Publisher and Women's Retreat Host

Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy. Part of Annette’s own journaling practice includes collecting ideas, quotes, songs, videos and photos that inspire her. She shares some of her finds in these weekly “Be Inspired” posts to lift your spirit with encouragement, comfort and joy.

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