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No longer put off for tomorrow what could be done today, said today, or experienced today. Click To Tweet

Take if from a recovering procrastinator, living in the moment and being fully engaged in the present will keep you from a life filled with regrets.

I certainly have some regrets that would not exist if I had not put off doing, saying and experiencing when I had the opportunity.

That said, it’s never too late to make a change. You can begin right now to avoid future missed opportunities.

Keep your focus and energy on who and what matters most to you.

Live by the Nike slogan JUST DO IT! 

No more regrets…

Annette Bridges

Annette Bridges

Author, Publisher and Women's Retreat Host

Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy. Part of Annette’s own journaling practice includes collecting ideas, quotes, songs, videos and photos that inspire her. She shares some of her finds in these weekly “Be Inspired” posts to lift your spirit with encouragement, comfort and joy.

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