Do you find yourself writing in a journal?

And then another, and another, and . . . another?

If you are anything like me, you have a journal or two or three or five.

You write anything and everything in them and then days or months later – you are fumbling through them to find that ONE thought.

Not to worry.

Ideas, thoughts, and doodles are vital to stimulating our minds. Creativity and writing can invoke calm, cheer, and comfort with every stroke.

By journaling, you give yourself permission to feel. To listen to your heart.

You allow yourself to be totally present with your thoughts and let your heart transform a new perspective to color outside the lines.

Journals are healing. Journals hold truths. Journals bring you happiness & joy.

Which is why I created the

Color Your World Journal Club


Keep reading to find out how you can receive
12 Color Your World Journals… OR a build your own Color Your World Journal Binder


But first, meet the Color Your World Journal Club Creator

Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy.

I created the Color Your World Journal Club to introduce YOU to the vast possibilities that await you when using tantalizing themes in your journal keeping.

As an avid journalist myself, I wanted alluring and enchanting themed journals to not only add focus, creativity, purpose and clarity but to also make journaling adventures fabulous and fun. I see writing in a journal as like having a heart-to-heart with your best friend who is always willing to help you decipher your thoughts, feelings and deepest desires and to realize your best self.

Take a peek at the 2017 Monthly Journal Themes

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What is the Color Your World Journal Club exactly?


It is a year-long journal club where you spread your wings, express yourself in the most colorful way to lift your spirit and inspire your imagination.

With each page, you will uncover ways to celebrate your wins, find gratitude in your losses, and preserve your memories that you never want to forget.

Check out the perks of being a Color Your World Journal Club member:


Club Perk #1 — A BUNDLE of 12 gorgeous Color Your World Journals (select from hardcover, paperback with full-color interior pages OR you can build your own Color Your World Journal Binder)

Club Perk #2 – Receive a Color Your World Journal Club tote bag & bookmark

Club Perk #3 – Receive a set of 12 my favorite journaling pens –  the Paper Mate profile retractable ballpoint pens in assorted colors

Club Perk #4 – Access to the Color Your World Private Facebook Group. Be prepared to receive a supportive community with inspiration, encouragement and engagement with others who are just like you.

Club Perk #5 — Monthly interview recordings with special guests speaking about the benefits of journaling and their unique experiences and insights.

Club Perk #6 — Monthly Facebook live video Q&A chats. All videos will be recorded and posted in our private Facebook club group in case you miss the live session.

Club Perk #7 – Each month, you will receive a downloadable list of journaling prompts PLUS an original coloring page based around the theme of the month

Club Perk #8 – Special club membership rate to attend journaling retreats held at the Bridges Retreat Ranch in Texas

Club Perk #9 — Color Your World Journal Club members will receive 20% off future purchases – any books and products sold in my shop

Club Perk #10 – Freedom to write your colorful life story one lovely journal at a time

Bonus Perk – From one ardent journalist to another, ALL who purchase a 2017 Color Your World Journal BUNDLE at this introductory price will be considered Color Your World Journal Club Founding Members. As a Founding Member, you and ONLY YOU will have the opportunity to purchase the 2018 (& beyond) Color Your World BUNDLE at this same introductory price.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS PERK – Recruit 5 new club members this year and get YOUR next year’s bundle of journals FREE!!

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For individual journal purchases only, CLICK HERE to go to the Color Your World Journal Series web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I keep a journal?

Journals give voice to your dreams and aspirations. Journals are a dialogue with your inner life. Journals bring focus, provide accountability, reduce stress, increase self-awareness and track progress. Journals are great for to-do lists you don’t want to lose. The reasons are endless!

What if I don’t have time during the day to participate in the monthly club calls?

All video calls will take place on Zoom and will be recorded and made available to club members for watching at their convenience. The same will be true with the Facebook Group Live video chats.

How do I join the Color Your World private Facebook group?

You will receive a Facebook invite to join the group. And you’ll also receive a link to join the group in an email.

When will I receive the monthly journaling prompts?

Each month one of the twelve journal themes will be featured and you will receive a list of prompts to inspire you. This will be a downloadable PDF file that will be emailed to you the last day of each month prior to the featured theme. This file will also be made available in the files tab of the private Facebook group. 

What is the Build-Your-Own Journal Binder?

It’s a customized Color Your World loose-leaf 3” binder that holds 250 pages. It comes with 12 custom tab dividers that match the paperback/hardcover journal covers. And it comes with 240 journaling pages, 20 double-sided journaling pages per theme. The Build-Your-Own Journal Binder is ONLY available as a club member.

When will I receive my journals?

Journals are usually in stock but sometimes when demand is high there is a short wait while more are printed by Ingram Spark’s Print-on-demand services. Usually a short wait is less than three weeks. Journals are shipped out as soon as possible and you will receive an email notice when they are on their way to you.

What if one of the journal themes just doesn’t interest me?

Any of these beautiful journals would make a great gift!

Where can I purchase additional journals if I want to buy more of a select theme?

All twelve of the paperback and hardcover themed journals can be purchased individually in my website shop (Look for the Color Your World Journals shop button) They are also sold on Amazon. Paperback journals retail at $14.95 each and hardcover journals retail at $21.95 each.

Can I join the club anytime? Is it ever too late?

It’s never ever EVER too late to join! You will not miss anything because all video calls will be recorded and made available to you. All journaling prompts or coloring pages featured each month can be found and downloaded from the files tab in the club private Facebook group. So even if you join the club in June 2017, you’ll find all the documents from prior months in the Facebook group files tab. This is true even if you don’t join till December 2017!

What’s the best reason to become a Color Your World Journal Club founding member?

Founding members will be able to purchase future journal series bundles at the same founding member discounted price year after year. That means being able to purchase twelve journals significantly less than what the twelve journals would cost if purchased individually.

Still have questions?

Write me a note and I’ll be happy to answer your additional questions anytime. Click here!

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