Give the gift of “Mamma” for Christmas. A perfect gift for daughters of any age!

My mamma and daddy were married for 26 years before their divorce. He just couldn’t come to terms with losing her. I really don’t think he wanted any of us to live if we couldn’t live together. When my mamma and I left that September evening, we left everything behind – most of our clothes, my toys, my dog. I did eventually get my dog back. But I was never to see my home or my daddy again.

“A cat and mouse chase began that would last for several months, with us homeless and with little money.”

“Many have asked my mamma what enabled her to survive those times. I suppose some might call it a “can do” spirit, a positive attitude, a cheerful outlook, or a “never give up” perspective. Mamma could never be brought down – for long, anyway.”

Excerpt from The Gospel According to Mamma