Treat yourself! Fill a box for $20 with your choice of 5 delightful, fun, colorful goodies!

I have a TON of extra gifts and giveaways from past retreats and various events! I’ve been doing my spring cleaning and it’s time to let go of my collection of goodies.

You’ll also get to choose from my books, coloring books and journals!

To participate you simply purchase a BOX for $20.

Item after item will be posted in the Facebook event discussion comments.   Take your time browsing throughout the week-long event. When you see an item you want included in your box of 5 items, whoever says SOLD first in the comments will get that item added to their box.

Sometimes I will have more than one item available and more than one person can mark SOLD. I will of course let you know when more than one is available. 😉

Boxes will ship out promptly at the end of the event! Free shipping! You are welcome to join this event and browse until you decide you want to participate. You can purchase your box anytime.

Sampling of items that could be included in your “fill a box”.


June 22 at 10 AM – June 28 Noon

Purchase Your Box Now!

“Fill a Box”