“What Mamma says” greeting cards just in time for Christmas!

A set of 12 unique greeting cards for $25!

“What mamma says” greeting cards are blank inside and feature 12 different mamma one-liner excerpts from my book, The Gospel According to Mamma

  1. Mamma says we would be wise to remember that what goes around usually comes back around to us—the good or the bad—depending on which we dish out.
  2. Mamma says if we stay so focused on our past failings, we won’t be able to move beyond them and learn what we need to know.
  3. Mamma says true self-knowledge is an awareness of the self that God sees in us—good and worthwhile, made in his image and likeness.
  4. Mamma says that God has given us the ability to be everything he created us to be, and this includes making good and wise deci­sions.
  5. Mamma says that a loving and for­giving God asks us to do the same for others and for ourselves.
  6. Mamma says we can rely on our God-given qualities anytime, and his is the only opinion that matters.
  7. Whether struggling with relationship troubles or problems at school or work, mamma says “Let nothing take your joy from you.”
  8. Mamma says she is quite certain that “how old is too old?” is not a question known to the Lord.
  9. Who is it that confines, restricts, hinders, or inhibits the days of our lives? Mamma says, “Not God!”
  10. Mamma says we should appreciate what we have and fret less about what we don’t.
  11. Mamma says gratitude helps us to see what is there instead of what isn’t.
  12. When it comes to words Mamma says, “If they are not good, then maybe they should not be said!”

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Here’s a close-up of Mamma at her favorite beach!

The title of my book is written in the sand!