This review of my book, The Gospel According to Mamma,  just in from Connie Pierce, author of My journey of real life weight loss – How I lost over 180 pound! I highly recommend Connie’s book, by the way. It was the reading of her book that helped me realize the importance of telling our “stories” to others. My life was blessed by the insights she gained and shared and I’m sure yours will be, too. I’m also awed by her success and hope to put my own weight loss plan into action in the new year!! (after I enjoy holiday treats and feasts!)

Connie wrote,

“One word comes to mind:  honesty!  “The Gospel According to Mamma” is refreshingly honest, simple yet profound in its counsel.  Annette Bridges uses the Bible in an inspired way to illustrate the thinking process her Mamma used in living and raising children.  Bridges also included quotes from a spiritual thinker and leader, Mary Baker Eddy.  Eddy states, “Honesty is spiritual power.”  The power and strength of this work is in its honest account of her life and struggles.  I highly recommend this book as one you can read many times and gain new insights with each reading.”