Give the gift of “Mamma” this Christmas. A perfect gift for daughters of any age!


“We strung popcorn and made paper strings. This, too, I remember, was fun.”

Excerpt from The Gospel According to Mamma

To give y’all a little more of an explanation of what you’ll read in the 2nd chapter of my book which recounts my memories of the Christmas of 1968….

My mamma and I were on a westbound journey from Georgia to Texas when we were literally “on the run” from my dad – “her bitter and angry ex-husband.” As I wrote,

“That Christmas found us renting a trailer in Beaumont, Texas. We stayed in trailer parks instead of hotels as we traveled west, to be more elusive as the chase continued.”

The description on the back cover of my book explains,

“Leaving Georgia with her mamma late one September night when her daddy was en route to end their lives marked the beginning of a lifetime of instruction.”