I want to be sure that anyone planning to read my new book understands something very important!

“Annette” is NOT the queen of damn good advice. My new book is about finding the “queen” that resides within each and every woman.

It’s about finding the strength, power, courage and ability to overcome problems, leap over hurdles, jump through hoops – whatever it takes – to reach goals and realize dreams. It’s about discovering your voice and your purpose. Recognizing your potential. Believing in YOU.

In fact, my latest epiphany had me asking myself, “How often do I take my own damn good advice?” We moms give our daughters plenty of advice, instruction and suggestions but as it turns out, what we share is good for each of us, too. We need to take our own advice!

So…you got it! I’m reading THE QUEEN OF DAMN GOOD ADVICE from cover to cover myself!

But you don’t need to read a book to find YOUR queen, ladies.

She is there within you.

She loves you and wants the best for you.

You are your queen!

You can do whatever you want to do, be who you want to be.

Give yourself permission!

You rule!