I LOVE to talk about my mamma and the valuable life lessons she blessed me with!

My mamma was 89 years old when she first held a paintbrush in her hand. Suddenly being confined to a wheelchair put my poor mamma into a tailspin looking for some purpose, some new way to spend her days. After I was introduced to painting and the power of journaling with color pens and markers at Diane Cunningham’s first Heart Art Retreat, I returned home and introduced paint by number sets to my mamma.

She discovered a new passion spending 10-12 hours a day painting. She even dreamed about what colors she would use on her canvas the next day.

Even when in very poor health on hospice care and awake only a couple of hours a day, she still painted as much as she could. Whether in her hospital bed or Hoya lifted to her recliner, her passion for playing with colors and creating her art masterpieces still brought her joy and peace.

Here’s a few main points for you to consider:


  • Your world doesn’t happen in black and white. Your life should be lived and written about in many colors.
  • Color brightens your spirit and lightens the heaviness of any moment. Even dark and sad memories feel lighter and brighter when told in color.
  • Color affects your perception of your world and can evoke calm, cheer and comfort.
  • Color inspires your imagination and helps you see infinite possibilities.


  • Doing what you are passionate about is life affirming and life giving.
  • Passion is necessary and important in every season of your life.
  • Passion is the secret sauce in the art of aging
  • Sometimes passion is found when trying something you’ve never done before and never imagined doing
  • Passion is love exemplified – REALLY loving what you do, what you can’t imagine not doing

If you would like to hear me speak about what I call my mom’s art of aging, contact me!