The next word art I was compelled to paint was LET!!!!


This was a no brainer for me. LET is one of my favorite words that has given me lots of insight into my heart and soul – especially in recent years.

LET is used in the Bible over a thousand times but one of my favorite scriptures is in the book of John:

“LET not your heart be troubled, neither LET it be afraid.”

Consider some of the synonyms used trying to define the meaning of LET. Enable. Give permission. Free up. Concede. Allow. Permit. To cause to.

The more I ponder the meaning of LET, the more power I realize I have in my life. LET implies choice. And this is truly game-changing when you find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in. We’ve all been there. But the truth is, even in the midst of unpleasant experiences, we have a choice in how we feel, how we choose to handle whatever we are facing.

I’ve painted BE. And LET.

Which word came next?