Joy can be found in everything

Looking to learn some fresh ways of making a busy life more fun, I decided to ask several friends for their suggestions. Here’s a recap of their responses:

One very wise friend reminded me that there is

always joy to be found in everything.

She’s right. I thanked her for the reminder. A change in my point of view has often changed my outlook from drudgery to joy.

The idea of having fun may sometimes seem far away or unreachable, especially when we feel too busy to take time to do any of the fun things my friends have mentioned. But I think this could be due to a limited view of what having fun means or under what conditions that fun is supposed to happen. Perhaps we need to broaden and expand our definition. My friends gave me more possibilities of fun to consider. I hope you’ll find their list helpful as well.

Finally, in the words of yet another thoughtful friend: “May we all find a little fun whenever we need it.” Maybe we could make our own fun by imagining our favorite song playing while we dance up the stairs. I can just imagine my daughter dancing up the stairs on her way to teach a history class. I still remember her doing pirouettes down the grocery store aisles when she was a very young girl. (Oh the FUN memories I have!!)

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