Five excuses that keep us from "seizing the moment"

There have been many times in my life when I’ve not “seized the moment.” I’ve always had my reasons, of course. But later, after moments have come and gone, I would wonder whether or not my reasons for missing some opportunities were good enough.

What is it that keeps us from “seizing moments” when they come along?

Hoping to learn that I was not the ONLY person in the world who has struggled with missed opportunities, I asked several friends what kept them from “seizing the moment.” Below are the top 5 excuses….oh…I mean “reasons” they shared with me.

  1. FEAR: Fear of what may happen, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of risk, fear of disapproval…
  2. UNCERTAINTY about a decision – questioning if it’s the best thing to do or not – often makes us afraid to act and so we don’t
  3. PROCRASTINATION:  We put off thinking about “something” only to realize later what should have been done or said
  4. TIME EXCUSES: Our schedule is already too full. There are too many demands on our time.
  5. WE HAVE AN UNWORTHY VIEW OF OURSELVES. A focus on our limitations that determines what we can or can’t do. We don’t believe we have the ability, skills, talent needed.

Do you have different reasons you could add to this list?


Savoring each moment of our lives brings joy and thankfulness for each life moment. Let’s be willing to explore new territories, go places we’ve never been before. Life is fresh, exhilarating and full of limitless possibilities when we live fully and mindfully in the moment. Our comfort zone may be comfortable, but it also offers nothing new. As singer Lee Ann Womack sang, “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”


Cheer up empty nester!

My nest emptied twelve years ago when my only child left for college. And I can sincerely tell y’all that it took me a long time to find something to cheer about again. I’d like to  share ideas I’m pondering on, mulling over, or struggling with and as I reach some conclusions or have some grand epiphanies,  I’ll share them with all of you women who might be considering the same mishmash of ideas or dilemmas. And if you feel inclined to share your own revelations back, that would be peachy!

Why can children laugh when their dreams fall part? I believe it’s because they’re visionaries!

If one dream doesn’t turn out like they hoped, they conjure up a new one. As I recall my own childhood fantasies, I don’t think a day went by without me imagining my rosy future. And that future was filled with endless possibilities, paths, and opportunities – at least some of which I’d like to think are still attainable.

Oh to be a child again! I don’t think children know any limitations, boundaries or obstacles. It seems to me that they’re quite certain that what they’re endeavoring to do is totally possible for them to accomplish. These little darlings are flexible, adaptable and buoyant. They don’t take matters so seriously. And they have the innate ability to lighten up absolutely everything they encounter. Consequently, these fortunate young ones are able to lessen the oppressiveness, trouble or severity of any situation and make the needed alterations, changes or modifications to reach their goal. I’ve actually just described my daughter!

Perhaps we should ask ourselves, “Where’s our childlike spirit with that unstoppable ambition and boundless curiosity?” I don’t think it’s lost. I think it’s just been covered up with the rigidity, and perhaps comfort, of routine.

May we all cast away our old age blinders and return to the vision, imagination and confidence of our youth. And may this expansive point of view lead us to our own infinite possibilities for success — today.