Be Inspired ~ Unforgettable Someones

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

It’s hard to forget someone that you know you’ll always remember. Click To Tweet

I suspect we all have many unforgettable someones who have crossed paths with us.

Childhood friends.

First dates.

Sunday School teachers.

School teachers.

College professors.

Family members.




Even a stranger…

What is it about each and every someone that makes them so memorable? Have you ever thought about the types of memories that are forever embedded in your heart?

Are they happy? Tragic? Inspiring? Do they involve a first-time? Was a goal achieved? A momentous event?  A special occasion? Something unusual or unexpected?

There are undoubtedly numerous special memories with all the unforgettable someones of our lives. These memories are precious treasures as they instruct us on the things, events and people that are most important, on what matters most, that are worthy of being always remembered. They teach us what and whom we need to make time for in our busy and crazy lives no matter what, too.


Last day – Christmas of 1968 continued…

Give the gift of “Mamma.” A perfect gift for daughters of any age for any reason!

 Still recounting my lessons learned from the Christmas of 1968:

“…that joy is not dependent of money and circumstances, and that love is much stronger than hate and can dispel fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

Excerpt from The Gospel According to Mamma


Merry Christmas! And me and Mamma wish y’all a very happy New Year!