What do you make time for…no matter what?

Make time for your prioritiesWhat matters most to us or what will we make time for—no matter what, in any event, in any case? What are we determined to do even if it is difficult? In other words, come hell, hay, or high water, what ranks at the top of our preferences, what takes precedence, what has our highest regard, what is our greatest concern, what will sway us into immediate action, what is so paramount that we can’t live without it? I suspect you get the idea.

This type of questioning can help us set priorities that are truly significant and important to us. With priorities that have our utmost concern, we will be motivated to action. We will set goals that we are impelled to accomplish, yes, come hell, hay, or high water. I suspect our time management skills would also greatly improve.

I think that a person striving to accomplish her goals and dreams or reach her destination, in spite of hell and high water, has clarity of intention, purpose, reason, motive and rationale.  Consequently, this person will be able to stay focused on her direction and objective, and she will let nothing stop her from doing what she must—again, COME HELL, HAY, or HIGH WATER!

What keeps you focused on your goals?


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