What's playing on your radio?



Perhaps not the best way to word my blog title! The only time I actually listen to a radio these days is when in my car. We don’t get good radio reception in the countryside where I live. So most of my music listening is on my iPhone. And my main time to listen to music on my iPhone is when I’m taking a walk.

Here’s a secret for any man reading my blog: You can learn a lot about a woman’s state of mind by the songs she listens to. Or at least the songs I select seem to pretty much sum up what’s going on in my mind or life.


“A thousand years” by Christina Perri  ~ I’m thinking about the love of my life in a forever, sexy, loving kind of way.

“All I want to do” by Sugarland ~ I’m ready for some snuggling with my hubby when I come in from my walk. (Or maybe I’m thinking about the snuggling we did before my walk!)

“Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood ~ Some man is in trouble!

“Daydream believer” by The Monkees ~ I’m reminiscing about some happy times in my youth.

“Ladies love country boys” by Trace Adkins ~ I’m feeling playful and want to go out on a date with my hubby.

“Where I come from” by Alan Jackson ~ I’m relishing in my southern roots.

“Good girl” by Carrie Underwood ~  I’m thinking about advice to give my daughter.

“Then” by Brad Paisley ~ I’m hoping my hubby thinks of me in this way.

“Walk this way” by Aerosmith ~ I need to do some power walking and need some motivation.

“Something more” by Sugarland ~ I play this song every walk. It means change is in the air!

I think that may be because of lyrics like “I need a little less hard time” and “I need a little more bliss” and “I got things to do before I die” and “I believe that happiness is something we create.” Playing this song means I have some ideas brewing to totally rock my world! So my family and friends had better watch out! Something new is coming soon!