I'm NOT in a hurry!

As I went for my morning walk a favorite song by Alabama from the 1990’s came to mind.

“I’m in a hurry and don’t know why”

As I began to hum the tune, I realized for the first time in a LONG time I didn’t feel like I was in a hurry. I wasn’t rushing around from one thing to the next. I have finally been able to slow my life down a tad and give a little time to some other things that matter to me.

I say other because much of the past year or so has been meeting the care needs of my mamma. Certainly, caring for my mom is on my list of what matters most to me. It’s just that caring for her in the past several months has left little time for anything else that is also important to me.

Why do I suddenly have MORE time in my life?

I’m so very grateful to have found a live-in caregiver for my mom who is truly an angel sent by God. Actually we have one live-in and one part-time caregivers. Both angels! You may have heard me say this before and you’ll probably hear me say it many many more times.

I’m so grateful that I can now visit my mamma. Let me say that again. I’m so grateful that I can now VISIT my mamma and truly VISIT with her. I’m not at her house rushing around doing this and that. I get to lay down next to her and cuddle and kiss her cheek and just BE THERE with her.

And ….I can take a leisurely stroll in the mornings and fully encompass my surroundings and be aware of every feeling, every thought and take deep breathes and enjoy each moment. Ah…

How about you? Do you feel rushed, pulled, stressed?

My wish for you is that you’ll find a way to have more peace and calm in your life! And TIME for ALL the things that are important to you.

Maybe give yourself a break RIGHT NOW and listen to Alabama! Click on the song title above and you should be taken to the youtube song.



P.S. My featured image with this blog is a gal walking by the sea. My FAVORITE place to take a walk! Guess I’m doing a little dreaming…