You are precious! Help me spread this message to young women!

Just when I was having a bad day, feeling down on myself, filled with regrets, consumed with grief, beating myself up with a bunch of what I should have done lectures, a very dear friend sends me a video message that truly was a God-send.

I was reminded again that my mamma was right when she said we are all somebody’s angel!

So my friends, if you’re feeling like everything in your life is falling apart or you’re doubting your world changing capabilities or you’re wondering if you’re too much or not enough, I invite you to listen to this video.

In fact, after hearing on the news today about another heart-breaking young teen girl’s suicide, I intend to share this video with every young woman, teenager, girl I know! 

I want every young woman to know how precious and important they are, that they are needed, and wanted! That yes, we may make choices we sometimes regret. But part of life is learning to make better choices. We all must learn this lesson. I know it may sometimes be bittersweet. I know this from experience. I’m learning such a lesson right now.

But I want all young women to know that nothing is worth ending their life. That they need not feel they must figure out solutions to their problems or mistakes alone. Ask for help. There is a world that desperately needs them, needs their talent, their insights, their accomplishments. And there are people in this world who can and will help.