Be Inspired ~ For All We Know

Be Inspired from Annette Bridges

The song “For all we know” sung by the Carpenters would have been sung at my wedding if I could have found the sheet music thirty-six years ago. I thought the words perfectly expressed my feelings and wishes as I said my vows to a young man I had met only seven months earlier.

With Valentine’s Day next week, this song came to mind once again.

We may not be strangers anymore (although sometimes I still feel like we have much to learn about each other), I can’t help but think about the lifetime we’ve spent together so far. And I can’t help but feel that the lifetime we have remaining doesn’t seem as long as it did on our wedding day.

“So much to say…”


I wonder if I’ve said all the important things I’ve wanted to say. Sometimes I think it’s easy to get so busy and caught up in the day to day of life, that too many important things get left unsaid.

Yes….I have much I want to say this Valentine’s Day!

Or better yet…

Don’t put off for tomorrow what could be said today, done today, experienced today! Regrets can happen when we put off. And this is true for ALL relationships including the relationship we have with our self!