The Story of BE

I just returned from my first ever women’s retreat and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Perfect because I got to feed my heart with playful painting, insightful journaling and fellowship with amazing women.

Six canvases would be painted and I thought I would share how the inspirations for each piece evolved.

As I sat there staring at the first blank canvas, I had no idea what to paint. A heart of course could have been the logical answer since I was at the Heart Art Retreat. But I wasn’t feeling inclined to paint a heart YET. Since writing words consumes much of my focus, word art seemed like the way to go but what word?????

This past year has been an emotional roaster coaster with my sweet mamma in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities. So honestly, part of my longing for the weekend was some time to just BE. Time to take some deep breathes without a million things on my to-do list.


That’s it, I thought! I would paint BE!


Did you know that one of the synonyms for BE is BREATHE?

LIVE is another synonym!

When you explore the meaning of BE, you’ll also come across another word that I love – UNDISTURBED.


YES!!!!! Oh how I love to BE!!!

In fact, word art included on one of the pages in my upcoming adult coloring book is the statement: “Make time to just BE.”

Stay tuned for the word I painted next!