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Welcome to the Ranch House Gifts collection! This is only the beginning folks! Every product created will be using Annette’s cow art and photographs she takes of the cattle on the ranch where she lives and works with her husband.

These quirky designs will feature HERd inspiration created especially to empower and encourage women!

Mark your calendars! Annette will be introducing these products at the Art & Soul pop-up market happening Saturday, September 7th! For more information visit the event page HERE!

Drink your heiffin’ water bottle


Udderly Awesome Mirror Cling


Moooove Your Body Mirror Cling


Color-N-Doodle Your World

Looking for a way to make your day better? Longing for your heart to feel happy again? Color-n-Doodle Your World to the rescue! When you need a quiet moment to yourself, coloring and doodling can provide you with a legitimate form of therapy and meditation. You will transport yourself to a world of wonder, inspiration and relaxation when you disconnect from screens and make peaceful time for yourself. 


8″x11″ paperback, 150 black-and-white pages

Jot Journals!

Perfect purse and pocket size journals! Because you need to be ready to record your spur of the moment thoughts, keep daily goals at your fingertips, capture big ideas when they hit you and even chronicle your adventures as you travel.


4″x6″ paperback, full color glossy cover

A Dachshund Tale

Lessons Learned From My Dog

Full Color illustrated 8×8 hardcover


A beautiful pet loss book that illustrates how to value and treasure what a furry friend’s life meant to your own.

My Furry Friend

A Keepsake Journal

8×8 hardcover


A beautiful pet loss JOURNAL with a whimsical, colorful design with lined writing pages for recording precious memories of ANY furry friend.

You can begin your keepsake journal for your beloved fur baby NOW while they are still with you, too. 

Learned from Dog Magnetic Bookmark Series

You can purchase bookmarks individually for $2.95 each or as a set for $14.95.

Check out the new LearnedFromDog web page to get all the scoop on pet books and accessories available!

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