A beautiful pet loss book that illustrates how to value and treasure what a furry friend’s life meant to your own.¬†

A Dachshund Tale

Turn your tears of mourning into smiles of remembrance.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to our heart’s companion. How could it be? If we have loved well, then undoubtedly we will need to grieve well.

A Dachshund Tale may help you discover a way to keep your furry loved ones unforgettable in your heart as the jewels they will forever be.

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My Furry Friend

A Keepsake Journal

A beautiful pet loss JOURNAL with a whimsical, colorful design with lined writing pages for recording precious memories of ANY furry friend.

You can begin your keepsake journal for your beloved fur baby NOW while they are still with you, too. 

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My Furry Friend Bookmark with journaling prompts



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Both books are 8×8 full-color hardcovers!

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Learned From My Dog magnetic bookmark series.

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Each bookmark features one of the lessons learned from my dog that is in the A Dachshund Tale book.

It’s Okay to Ask For Help


Be a Good Listener


Dig for Treasure


Don’t Fret Mess




Live in the Moment


Set of all six bookmarks

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