A Dachshund Tale: Lessons Learned from My Dog



My Forever Puppy is the special term of endearment the author said to her precious miniature dachshund every morning of her long life. A Dachshund Tale: Lessons Learned From My Dog was conceived during those first sorrowful days following the passing of the author’s beloved dachshund, spurred by her deep desire to forever engrave upon her heart what her dog’s life meant to her.

The author invites any others who are grieving the loss of a beloved fur baby to share the journey with her and consider the meaning and impact of their precious one on their life. While the author can’t promise this process will completely ease your hurting, she believes it can help others begin to turn their sadness into a forever celebration of their sweet little angel. And eventually, it may turn their tears of mourning into smiles of remembrance.

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