What does your courage mean?

Are you feeling insignificant, unimportant or unworthy?

Are you questioning what the heck you are trying to accomplish?

Are you unsure of your purpose or your passion?

Do you feel like your contribution is so small it would not be missed?

This song touched my heart and lifted my soul in a way that nothing else had in a long time. At a time when I was questioning my purpose and doubting my potential and ability, gratefully, someone had the courage and inspiration to share this song with me.

“A small star” by Jana Stanfield.

It proclaims, “Even a small star shines in the darkness, for someone somewhere to see…” It points out, “No one ever sees their own magnitude.”

I hope it brings YOU the encouragement and strength YOU need because you ARE needed. Your life does matter. You are important. In fact, you and what you contribute to this world of ours is essential. Big stars, small stars – each and every one of us shines a light that makes a difference to somebody.

So find your courage! Somebody needs you!




Do you ever feel like you have to?


A few days ago I tweeted the question, “Do you ever feel like you just have to do something even though you’re uncertain about the outcome?”  I didn’t get any particular answers from anyone, but since it was retweeted several times I figured at least a few other folks were feeling just like me.

Not only am I quite certain that I have to do something even if no one (aka my husband) understands why, but I also must have a definite way that “something” happens or at least begins.

I think my reasons explain why I can’t walk on my treadmill lately. I simply must go for a walk outdoors. Never mind that the temperature is over 100 degrees. I just can’t walk in-place. I must feel like I’m going somewhere — anywhere. There must be a destination, direction, movement, and progression. A view other than walls!

And this, too, is why I am going to do something very soon because I must. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but it feels like I’m going in the right direction that will take me where I want to go. And since I’m open to any destination other than staying where I am, it’s all good!

Is it a little scary for me to get out of my comfort zone? You betcha! Would it be easier to stay home? Perhaps! Well…I’m not so sure about that! Staying put isn’t as easy as it used to be which is why there is something impelling me forward – onward.

Now folks who know me well, don’t need to worry. I’m really not speaking of anything that dramatic. It is about me continuing to grow, learning new skills, having goals and striving to reach them, making new friends, and living a happier, healthier, more balanced life. It’s about passion and purpose and figuring out what I want to do with myself the rest of my life.

It’s just sometimes, there are some things that require me wearing my big girl panties and doing without my husband by my side. Like the eWomen Network conference I AM GOING TO ATTEND!!



10 Tips for Success in College and the Real World

Setting off for college brings more than academic change. With many young women using the experience to solidify their dreams, perspectives, self-worth and relationships, the first year of college marks a vital turning point in any young woman’s life. As a mother who has seen my own daughter blossom into a confident and driven “princess,” my mission now is to inspire other young women to command and rule their lives as they set out on their own life journey.

I’d like to give young women a taste of their empowerment with some free tips. Covering everything from self-worth and expectations to romance and the importance of savoring life’s special moments, these tips will help any young woman take on her world and become its “Queen.”

In fact, these tips will be helpful to women of all ages and stages in life!

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10 Tips for Success in College and the Real World.

How to keep making progress

When people stop learning, stop wanting or trying to learn, or start believing they have nothing to learn, they cease to make progress. Without progress, there is no life, no growth. At the very least, life becomes less interesting.

Perhaps learning is a habit. Like some good habits, such as eating a balanced meal or exercising, we can get lazy or negligent. Our laziness and negligence become bad habits that are difficult to break—but not impossible. I’d like to think that any bad habit could be broken with due diligence and perseverance, and that good habits can be created and maintained in the same way. Gandhi’s words,

“Learn as if you would live forever, live as if you would die tomorrow”

tell us there is always more to learn and we should digest as much as we can each day. It is never too late to comprehend and master something new. The old adage “practice makes perfect” is always true regardless of our age.

Daughters of the world, be wise women.

Approach each day with this question: “What can I learn today?”

You may not know what you want or need to learn, but I believe there are countless options and infinite possibilities when you’re open and ready to discover them.

The above is an excerpt from:

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We are all intuitive thinkers

Just wanted to share a nice reminder this weekend…


We are all intuitive thinkers. I believe God made us this way. I have no doubt that you’ll find your instincts are correct whether they are telling you “yes” or “no”—to do or not to do. Trust them. Be sure to act upon those “good temptations” that will ensure your life is satisfying and fulfilling.






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Happiness is found in being…

Listen up, princesses! 

happy women



You are the woman of God’s creating—made in her image. Your innate nature includes the qualities of poise, confidence, strength, courage, compassion, love. Be true to yourself.

Happiness is found in being who God made you to be.

You can do it. Your thinking is your most powerful weapon. Use it. Follow your heart. Don’t hide your light and love. Be the spiritual self that God intended. Don’t be shy. Be yourself—freely, unconditionally, and fearlessly. You’ll be much happier if you do.


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