Are you feeling insignificant, unimportant or unworthy?

Are you questioning what the heck you are trying to accomplish?

Are you unsure of your purpose or your passion?

Do you feel like your contribution is so small it would not be missed?

This song touched my heart and lifted my soul in a way that nothing else had in a long time. At a time when I was questioning my purpose and doubting my potential and ability, gratefully, someone had the courage and inspiration to share this song with me.

“A small star” by Jana Stanfield.

It proclaims, “Even a small star shines in the darkness, for someone somewhere to see…” It points out, “No one ever sees their own magnitude.”

I hope it brings YOU the encouragement and strength YOU need because you ARE needed. Your life does matter. You are important. In fact, you and what you contribute to this world of ours is essential. Big stars, small stars – each and every one of us shines a light that makes a difference to somebody.

So find your courage! Somebody needs you!