Woo hoo! The first DamnGoodAdvice reader photo contest is announcing its winners, selected by a neighboring photographer because I could NOT make my mind up. I LOVED LOVED LOVED all of the photos!

Many thanks to each lovely lady who participated! And to show my enthusiastic appreciation to everyone who took part in my first contest, the runner-ups will also receive an Amazon gift card. All participants will be receiving a signed copy of The Queen of Damn Good Advice along with her customized tote bag filled with other “Queen” customized goodies.

Without further delay…




♥ The first place winner is Morgan Miles.

Morgan Miles


♥ The second place winner is Deborah Napale.


Deborah Napale


But as I said, I LOVED all of the entries and sincerely appreciate each darling & sassy photo! Amazon gift cards will arrive via email so winners should be on the look-out for them TODAY! And book goodie bags will arrive via USPS – being mailed on Friday!

Stay tuned all ladies! Who knows what Queen challenge will happen next!