by Annette Bridges. © 2006. All rights reserved.

What’s the greatest Christmas gift in the world? Perfect for any age or gender?

It was over twelve years ago when my mom and daughter joined me on a three week journey. We crossed the country traveling through much of the northeast. Three generations of women sharing treasured moments together. It was awesome and unforgettable.

So much so we made a vow to do it again. But we haven’t kept that promise. That is, until a couple of weeks ago. The three of us once again went on a memorable journey together.

And that brings me back to the greatest Christmas gift. How many times have I never done what I said I was going to do?

And why not?

There has always been a reason. Or so I would convince myself. The most frequently given excuse has been – not enough time.

Sometimes I wonder how much time I have wasted worrying about not having enough time. And consequently getting nothing done because I’m too busy fretting about not having enough time to accomplish what I want or need to do.

Recently, I came across an article written by spirituality and health reformer, Mary Baker Eddy (See, which was published in 1903. Titled “Now and Then”, its timeless ideas are now transforming my every decision and action.

Ideas such as ….

”A lost opportunity is the greatest of losses.”

“We own no past, no future, we possess only now.”

“If the reliable now is carelessly lost in speaking or in acting, it comes not back again.”

“Faith in divine Love supplies the ever-present help and now, and gives the power to act in the living present.”

So what’s the greatest Christmas gift in the world?

I think it’s – today.

Perhaps that really is why it’s called – the present.

I’m going to try and give as many “todays” as I can this year. Look for present possibilities to make memorable moments with friends and loved ones. I think it may be the greatest gift I can give. And maybe the most memorable.