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First, I will tell you that I’m going to endeavor to get back into my weekly blogging routine. It’s been very difficult since my brother’s passing in October to feel inspired. Since it’s now a good couple of weeks into the New Year, I realize it’s time for me to thrust myself forward because I think if I don’t thrust myself forward I may never write again, so here goes…


I recently watched a TED talk by Amy Cuddy titled “Your body language shapes who you are” that I plan to watch a few more times to be sure I’ve not missed any of the valuable advice and suggestions that I believe can be life changing in the most positive and successful way.

If you want to consider whether or not it’s worth your time to spend the twenty minutes listening to this talk, let me ask you some “Do you feel” or “Have you ever felt” questions.

I admit that these are questions I’ve struggled with many times and honestly still struggle with.

  • Have you ever been at a dinner table and felt completely intimidated by those around you?

  • Do you feel inferior to most people that you meet – particularly those of your same gender?

  • Do you feel like you don’t belong?

  • Do you feel you don’t measure up?

  • Have you ever felt like you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to a discussion – that your opinions and insights are not important, not valuable?

  • Do you feel small, inadequate, unsure of yourself, awkward?

  • Do you feel like you need to GET THE HELL OUT of where ever you are and escape – RUN A WAY?

If any of these questions sound familiar to you, there are techniques that can help. Because the TRUTH is … you do belong, you do measure up, you do have something worthwhile to say and contribute, you are not inferior and your opinions and insights are important and valuable.

I’ve been reminding myself more and more lately of the following simple facts: I am who I am. My life has been what it has been. My experiences are my own.  My knowledge and viewpoints are mine. Nobody knows what I know or has walked in my shoes or seen and felt what I’ve seen and experienced.

And this is true for each and every person. We are uniquely who we are. We are not the same as any other. No one is the same.

So when we’re feeling, thinking and believing that we are the ONLY person at that table that is somehow “inferior, unworthy or insignificant” and every other person at that table are cut of the SAME cloth of greatness, value and significance, it’s simply not true.

Because why? We are uniquely who we are! And who we are is OK!

How about this question…

Have you ever left a meeting, a dinner or a class and be so mad at yourself for not being yourself?

I believe the techniques you’ll be introduced to in this TED talk can help or at the very least, make you alert and aware of some things you could do differently that will make you feel better about yourself and perhaps make you more successful, too.

Enjoy! I’m listening to it again!








Happiness is found in being…

Listen up, princesses! 

happy women



You are the woman of God’s creating—made in her image. Your innate nature includes the qualities of poise, confidence, strength, courage, compassion, love. Be true to yourself.

Happiness is found in being who God made you to be.

You can do it. Your thinking is your most powerful weapon. Use it. Follow your heart. Don’t hide your light and love. Be the spiritual self that God intended. Don’t be shy. Be yourself—freely, unconditionally, and fearlessly. You’ll be much happier if you do.


This is an excerpt from:

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Remembering a lesson learned – "Be yourself!"


Remembering a lesson learned – Be Yourself!

In my first book, The Gospel According to Mamma, lesson 20 is “Be yourself.” I wrote about my step-dad who is actually step-dad number three and my current step-dad. I praise him for being “one of those fortunate grown-ups who has managed to hold on to his childlikeness.” For example: “When he is in church and inspired by a soloist performance, he lets out a resounding “Amen!” It doesn’t matter that his is the only voice heard. He follows his heart. No one is a stranger to him. Everywhere he goes – restaurants, grocery stores, church – he speaks to anyone who will listen. And he hums constantly!”

Step-dad number three is in the hospital for the second time this year. This time around he had surgery and is currently in the ICU. I think perhaps what has disturbed me most about his health struggles in the past few weeks was there have been no hums. (Actually his hums are more like “do-dahs.”) No “do-dahs” had me very concerned!

Both my mamma and step-dad are comfortable in their own skin and never worry about what others think of them. I’ve often longed for their self-comfort so I could also not worry about what others might think about what I had to say or what I did. My worries have often kept me from being true to myself – from following my dreams, going after a goal, sharing my opinion, or from dancing at a community concert when I really, really wanted to get up and dance.

With my sweet mamma and step-daddy as role models, I’ve been learning how to recapture the unbridled freedom I had in my early childhood. And I’ve been learning how to be my genuine self – the kind of self that children innately know how to be.

As I wrote in my book, “Mamma says God created us childlike – full of wonder, in a state of perpetual discovery, curious, compelled by fascination, satisfied by simple joys, spontaneous, trusting, obedient, confident, expectant, innocent, eager to learn, with a humble spirit, forgiving, ready to explore and investigate, filled with the spirit of adventure, unconditionally loving. She says people sometimes accept other traits and opinions about themselves that aren’t part of their nature as a child of God. We stop remembering our childlike self. But to be childlike is what we truly are. My mamma says we need only be willing to rediscover this self.”

I’ve been giving my mamma’s words of wisdom a daily “Amen!” as I endeavor to follow.

I’m also happy to report that my dear step-daddy let out a couple of “do-dahs” during my visit yesterday. He also joked with his nurse saying, “I don’t have my wallet,” when she brought his dinner tray, so “No tip!” And his legs and feet would not stop moving. When asked about them, he declared, “I’m dancing!” Now I’m convinced he is on the road to recovery. His childlikeness has saved him!