Doxie in the moonlight



Was anyone else outside this morning at 4:40?

Our little dachshund, Lady, decided to tell her mamma it was potty time at 4:40 AM today. So a very grumpy, sleepy-eyed mamma obliged and carried her outside so she could take care of her business.

While she searched for the perfect spot, I managed to get the sand out of my eyes to be blessed with a beautiful moment. Up in a gorgeous, midnight blue sky was a huge, orange moon that looked like it was sitting on the western horizon. I stood there a few moments after Lady had completed her task basking in the beauty of the moon.

Later in the day I wished I had been awake enough to have the presence of mind to go get my camera and try to capture the scene. But alas I didn’t.

Even still, the view seems to now hold a permanent spot in my memory as I sit here this evening in blissful remembrance.

My beautiful moon lesson hasn’t escaped me. It was a wonderful reminder that even in the midst of inconvenient, uncomfortable, unpleasant, difficult, boring tasks, duties or situations, there can be beauty that is not to be missed. Beauty that reminds us that the bad in our experience will pass and the good will remain — as sure as the moon will be out again tonight!

Feeling grateful….





Lady & Bella Drawing Winners

Click cover to watch video

It’s time to hold the drawing for the FIRST TEN book giveaway!

My new books arrived just before Thanksgiving – Lady and Bella Totally different, Totally friends. At this year’s Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas lots of folks signed up to participate in my FIRST TEN giveaway. I planned to do the drawing on December 1st and I had the good fortune to have my sweet great-nephew Nathan with me today to pick the winners.

And my hubby videotaped the grand event!  Since wordpress is telling me my video file is too large of a file to upload for this blog, I have uploaded it to YouTube and posted on Facebook.

If you click on the Lady and Bella book cover, you will be linked to the YouTube video  and you can listen to see if you are one of the winners. Enjoy! (I admit I stumble a bit with my words. haha I think I write better than I speak “live!”)

I’ll be in touch soon with all drawing participants. I have a special offer for all of you!

By the way, everyone who won – as well as those who buy books on my website – will receive a customized 5-pack of colored pencils. And I also offer a significant discount for those who buy 5+ books.

Many thanks to all who participated in this drawing and for your interest in my books. Lady and Bella Totally different, Totally friends is the first in a trilogy of “Totally ….” books that are part of an Anti-Bullying Campaign. Stay tuned for more information coming in 2014!

Thank you in advance for helping me spread the word about my books to your friends and family!

My books are sold on Amazon, plus my website!