Taking our own damn good advice

I want to be sure that anyone planning to read my new book understands something very important!

“Annette” is NOT the queen of damn good advice. My new book is about finding the “queen” that resides within each and every woman.

It’s about finding the strength, power, courage and ability to overcome problems, leap over hurdles, jump through hoops – whatever it takes – to reach goals and realize dreams. It’s about discovering your voice and your purpose. Recognizing your potential. Believing in YOU.

In fact, my latest epiphany had me asking myself, “How often do I take my own damn good advice?” We moms give our daughters plenty of advice, instruction and suggestions but as it turns out, what we share is good for each of us, too. We need to take our own advice!

So…you got it! I’m reading THE QUEEN OF DAMN GOOD ADVICE from cover to cover myself!

But you don’t need to read a book to find YOUR queen, ladies.

She is there within you.

She loves you and wants the best for you.

You are your queen!

You can do whatever you want to do, be who you want to be.

Give yourself permission!

You rule!



"a time of rebirth of your deepest self"

30th Birthday Party!

My little chick took flight twelve years ago now so my nest has been empty for a while. Of course, she did come home during a transitional time in her life after a divorce, but not for long. She soon spread her wings again and has been flying strong and high ever since. I’m so very proud of her as I watch her grow into this awesome, focused, clear, determined woman. She’s teaching 3 college classes this fall as she continues on her PhD journey.

Reading the many tweets, posts and blogs by new empty nesters reminds me of when I was in those same shoes. And while the ache in my heart is not as great as it was in the beginning, there are some ways I’m still trying to come into my own in this empty nest season of life.

I came across a passage from a book recently that, for me, seems to define the empty nest perfectly. Interestingly, it was in a Prevention Magazine article titled, “Menopause, An Owner’s Manual” written by Ginny Graves. And the passage was from a book titled, “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Christiane Northrup, MD.

She was defining menopause – been there done that, by the way. Although Christiane was describing menopause, I say an empty nest is:

 “a time of rebirth of your deepest self. It’s like being in labor: It can be painful, but you have to believe that you’re going to come out of it with something beautiful.”

She continued, “When I was going through it, I finally quit putting my needs last and started making time for myself to write – which led to my biggest professional success. It was a real blessing!”

So dear brand new empty nesters and “old-timers” like me….

Imagine being reborn into a new beautiful you. You were already beautiful but it’s the new you that is exciting to think about. This is a special most precious time in your life. A time to be cherished and nurtured! A time that will bless you!

I finally BELIEVE this!

After thirty years of motherly advising my beautiful and intelligent daughter, I’m finally going to start taking my own advice.  I’ve been in labor with this new me long enough! My latest epiphany!


Never doubt your greatness


I say, “Never doubt your worth or worthiness. Never doubt your abilities.”

I have always believed that God not only will give us what we need, she’s going to lead us, she has our back, and she’ll hold our hand. “The Queen of Damn Good Advice” in my life, my mamma, has always assured me that God is with us every step of our life journey. No matter what need arises along the way, God would have a solution. My mamma has always been right!

Our journeys are our own. Each princess and queen has a purpose that is significant. Each of our missions is distinct. No one else is suitable or worthy to fulfill our individual mission. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise.

Want to read more?

This is an excerpt from:

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Want to hear a song that encouraged me at a time when I was questioning my worth, my purpose, my passion?

“A small star” by Jana Stanfield.

What does your courage mean?

Are you feeling insignificant, unimportant or unworthy?

Are you questioning what the heck you are trying to accomplish?

Are you unsure of your purpose or your passion?

Do you feel like your contribution is so small it would not be missed?

This song touched my heart and lifted my soul in a way that nothing else had in a long time. At a time when I was questioning my purpose and doubting my potential and ability, gratefully, someone had the courage and inspiration to share this song with me.

“A small star” by Jana Stanfield.

It proclaims, “Even a small star shines in the darkness, for someone somewhere to see…” It points out, “No one ever sees their own magnitude.”

I hope it brings YOU the encouragement and strength YOU need because you ARE needed. Your life does matter. You are important. In fact, you and what you contribute to this world of ours is essential. Big stars, small stars – each and every one of us shines a light that makes a difference to somebody.

So find your courage! Somebody needs you!




Oatmeal cookies with flaxseed

I just finished creating this new recipe – for delicious and healthy cookies! Try it out and tell me what you think. Or post a link to your favorite recipe in the comments section below. I love cooking and baking, so please share your favorites too!

Annette Bridges Oatmeal flax seed cookies